ARMA Operation Eye Opener



I will make sure to have everything ready by next Saturday!


Server is up, I need a pilot to test some helocasting techniques. Its one of the insertion techniques ArmA has a tough time emulating.


Loving the new gear mods. I told my son this is like minecraft for daddy.


Would have liked to help out but was cleaning out my father’s house this past weekend. Perhaps next time.


Just let me know when you’re available and we can jump on. Check the post up there for the mod workshop link.


I’m off call! And I downloaded the mods so I will keep an eye out on TS for you. I’m usually on after 9:00pm Eastern.


I added two more yesterday, don’t know when you last checked the collection. They are strictly cosmetic so you don’t need them, just adds some cool gear and uniforms. I’ll be on tonight, shooting for 8 central.


Open invitation to anyone interested, can have some intense tactical fun.


Server up


Part of me wants to hop on, but the home run derby is amazing this year!


I’m going to have to give this a miss. I just don’t have the time to put in, to get up to snuff - I really wish I did, but so many things going on, I’ve been neglecting my website and KIF, I certainly shouldn’t be taking on even more.

Sorry, guys, you’ll have to somehow manage to get by without me giving away your positions, negligent discharges and my exemplary voice procedure (“Say again, over?” “Eh?” “Wot?” “huh?”).

Maybe next time.

Did I not menttion showing you where the IEDs are?


Aw dang. I don’t blame you though Brix. I keep saying ArmA3 is like the flight sim of shooters. I think Gunny calls it the DCS of shooters but it’s the same sort of thing … so many keyboard commands to remember, not to mention those included with ACE3 and TFAR. Press the wrong key and BOOM, there goes your getaway vehicle LOL! … nudge nudge wink wink @Rhinosaurus. :grin:

I’m still full in on this op though … but I’m heading up north this weekend for a few nights so …


I have no idea what you’re talking about :triumph: @linebacker


Fair enough. I had already bled out so the events that transpired after that are hearsay at best.

You up for something tonight @Rhinosaurus? PUBG maybe? Sniper Elite 4? (I still suck at that)


@linebacker ya man. SE4 is probably a better choice in case I have to take off. Or something else entirely.


You should grab Project Argo … it’s FREE! It’s all the shooting fun of ArmA 3 without all the overhead.


I’m on TS.


ArmA is definitely a perishable skill, it takes a while to get back into it if you’ve been away for a while. Great fun when you get a small group together though, like the other night.


You had a couple of your friends on the other night G … are they going to be in on this thing?


They are hit or miss, can probably grab a couple of them. Internet people are shady…:frowning: