Assetto Corsa - Still a great game


I haven’t early access’d the new one - is it any good, Assetto Competiiontiotio or something? :slight_smile:

Not tried it. Waiting for it to develop. But most likely I will get it, going by how good Assetto 1 was.

It’s a global pandemic Saturday morning and what to do, but add some essential AC mods, like Content Manager, Crew Chief, SOL, and Horizon. If you only pick one, Content Manager, a GUI replacement, and mod configuration tool, is a must-have IMHO.

But once you have it and the night/weather mod SOL installed, you have access to a new shader mod and preset for Content Manager called Horizon. There was a recent discussion as to the lack of night driving, and how it limits endurance driving. Well have a look at this.

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