Automobilista 2

Thanks. Sounds like the best option is just to have one weather slot. I kinda liked the idea of weather changes popping up in a race, Just wish we got a heads up. I think the F1 games always had the engineer say something like rain expected in a lap or something like that.

If you run CrewChief, Jim will tell you when to expect rain and updates on the condition of the track.

Hmm i do run crew chief, but didnt get any rain updates

Edit: but its the beta version, that might have something to do with it

Check to see if in Options → System that you have Project Cars 2 in the top and bottom boxes and 1 in the middle box.

FYI, a new version of AMS2 Content Manager was released today.

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That fixed it. Thanks!

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Sound fix for the IndyCar 2023 mod. Drop zip file into Content Manager after the IndyCar 2023 mod.

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The latest developer update (March 2024) frames the IMSA collaboration and details the incoming 1.5.6 update. Good stuff ahead.


It is certainly a good time to be a racing sim fan. :slight_smile:


A slight but noticeable improvement on my system.


I never heard of this one till I saw the IMSA news. Big fan of IMSA and go to 24 hrs of Daytona and 12 hours of Sebring almost every year. When I retired 5 years ago, bought a touring motorcycle and went to 6 IMSA races that year, all by bike. 4 of the long endurance races and 2 others.

I picked this pack up yesterday for 150 bucks, 1 day late for the 50% off sale, just my luck.

It’s my new favorite racer, best AI SP racing I ever did yesterday with a full endurance weekend at my favorite track Watkins Glen with a Corvette. Great race, full authentic sim settings with full damage. I crashed out with 2 minutes left in the race. But the AI battles were awesome. BTW I race with a gamepad, most of my racing is on Xbox. Worked great.

Chuck Ankenbauer on X: “Think this is my new favorite racing game. Favorite car on my favorite track. Full endurance race weekend with pit stops. AI that drove the best I’ve seen in a game. #Automobilista2 #AMS2” / X (


Great to hear Magnum. Watching your video, I’m amazed that you are using a gamepad. I can’t imagine not using a wheel, but you are pretty damn smooth.

AMS2 has some great 80s and 90s racing as well. My current favorite is Group C on the early 90s tracks. But there is fantastic IndyCar and F1 experiences of the same era. And Aussie V8 Supercars are a blast.


To follow up on your post from the rally thread

I’m cetainly down for some AMS2 racing. I actually don’t have any mods for AMS 2, but I enjoy your take on the various mods. Too bad there isn’t a driver swap option. But surely we can cook up a fun session.

Slight derail, I’m actually interested to see what Le Mans Ultimate develops for endurance/driver swap options.


FYI, the Downloads area formerly known as RaceDepartment are now back up at My ReceDepartment credentials are working at OverTake.

The new address for the AMS2 Content Manager is…


Getting acquainted with AMS2…and I feel a bit frustrated…
It seems like the controller assignments get reset every so often and I don’t know why.
Also, how do one start AMS2 in Steam VR mode without going through Steam? I have set it to start in VR, but it only works if I launch it from within the Steam VR library.
The audio seems a bit…cheap…? Like a lawnmower engine on idle, that fades into a buzzsaw whine when I rev up. This is in the MP4/4, BTW. Are there sound mods one should install…?

Oh! And it’s a bit of a pain having to have some of the menus in 2D and some in VR… Would be nice if all the racing selections could be done in VR.

For AMS 2 (and pretty much all of my titles that support VR), I use OpenComposite. Well, except DCS since it is native OpenXR now.

Anywho, I disabled SteamVR so it never launches. OpenComposite does all of the dirty work. Clearer picture than SteamVR and you get the OpenXR Toolkit as well.

I’m 50/50 when it comes to VR and pancake mode. Depends what I’m doing and for how long. Not sure if Varjo is compatible with OC?? I’m assuming it is… perhaps @chipwich can chime in on his VR experiences.

Mods? I don’t use any. Again, chipwich could help in that department. I don’t recall the MP4 sound being bad. :thinking:

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Guys, this is my view at the moment, somewhere between the Berry Islands and St. Thomas. We are 236,857 GT making 22 knots, so ungodly amounts of kinetic energy. 100,000 tons of that must adult beverages.

My gaming rig will be offline for a few more days, but I’ve been launching from Steam chosing the Oculus driver. Have not tried to get OpenXR working with AMS2 yet, but it’s on the to-do list. I haven’t driven the MP4/4 in a while but don’t remember the sound as being bad. For an absolutely McLaren ear bleed, drive the MP4/6 (1991) car from Formula Classic Gen 4 class. Add this skin and AI pack for the ultimate early 90’s F1 era experience, especially in the Williams.


Some thoughts on the MP4/4 by GPlaps.

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I don’t think the 4/4 sounds like that to me…?
There’s something about the way the idling sound fades out as the high rev sounds increase and then clips back when taking the foot off the throttle.
The 4/6 sounds a lot better though.

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How do one start AMS2 in SteamVR using the desktop icon? I have to start it from the Steam Library, to get VR…

Give this a shot:

or go OpenComposite