Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread

Ok lets get those brain cells firing fans of aviation!

How to play; Post up the name of the aircraft in the last unanswered post (such as McDonnell Douglas F-18) just posting Hornet isn’t good enough. If you got it right (up to who posted it if its right) then you post the next picture up for ID.

I’ll start it off, should be a little challenging:

Lets try and keep this clean too, I mean lets face it reverse image search is cheating… right? Lets flex those avgeek muscles. Don’t hesitate to join in though, especially if your new!

I reverse image searched this so I wont give it away… but WOW you found an obscure plane. Impressive!


Uh oh… Hope its not too obscure…

Well the wiki page is less than a paragraph but I think people on here will get it.

Lockheed Have Blue?

Have Blue has the air inlets on the top just like the F-117.

Yeah, I was gonna guess something from the Skunk Works…but I have no idea…

A search on Google revealed the answer. Have Blue was my first thought but it looked much like the F117 with a different tail configuration. A Google search revealed the answer but I saw the photograph first, which I guess is cheating. It is not an aircraft I had ever heard of before.

Isn’t that a model they built for radar stealth technology testing?

Looks like a lawn dart to me

Yeah, I got nothing. I was thinking prototype F-108, but that was waaaaaaaay bigger. Nicely done, to stump everybody on the first plane!

First post answer: MBB Lampyridae

Ok the first one might have been a little hard lol those of you who said Have Blue were in the same time period and pretty close. @Aginor you basically had everything but the name.

Lets try this again, something that’s been posted here before :wink:


Wow that looks like an Su-25 and that angular Wipeout from Arma 3 mated!

Il-102. I would recognize that ugly mug anywhere!

Lets try this one shouldn’t be to hard:

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F4D Skyray. One of my favorite Naval aircraft- it’s just a shame the upgraded version never saw service. Rumor has it this was one of Armstrong’s favorite planes that he flew.

Keeping the nautical theme going:

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Haha, the Sea Dart!
That one was a bad idea.

Anyway, I also have one, standby a few minutes…
Here it is.

I may even know that one. It was a German S-VTOL experimental craft right before the Harrier jump jet.
Of course I can’t remember the name now…

EDIT:it was eating me alive… I had to google the image. I was right. I had it. I knew it from an old Take-Off issue, a life and a half ago. Was an article about S-VTOL research in europe and beyond.
Still, pretty happy with myself.

I believe that’s a DO-31.

You and @komemiute are both correct.
The only surviving prototype is in the museum in Munich.

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Is that a… Loire 46?
EDIT: no on second glance I think it isn’t.