Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


We obviously need [randomKateUpton].


Some kinda early Grumman?

Edit, I found it but I had to search… so I won’t post it.


Looks like it should have “Fisher” in it’s name…is all I can think…


I didn’t know who that was. Thought she sang or played an instrument (I’ll stop right there)… Google did the job as a stand in random generator. There was an Antarctica video that could have been posted on the Expedition thread as one of the sights seen while flying down the Peninsula, but it is only just SFW, so I made a hurried “back one page” retreat click before the missus walked in, and I’ll stick to [randomCristinaGatti] instead, I think. :smile:

Yeah, the Duck would get you to it, eventually. I didn’t think it would be too difficult, actually, as it is not an obscure prototype, and played a part in one of those pioneering, historic flights, likes of the Vimy, Vega or Electra.

Anyway, I’d say if you got it, you got it. :slight_smile:

> Here a radial engine variant in service with Panagra…


Man thats a beautiful picture… world needs more sea planes lol


Heh, she is really a beauty. WHen she was 19 and in Antarctica she had a face that would melt Icebergs.
And more. But alas… As of late (I read somewhere) she’s starting to act all diva. Occupational Hazard I guess.

I woudln’t mind buying her a drink. :slight_smile: And then introduce my wife to her- as the only woman who can steal my heart. Man gotta Man-up. :slight_smile:



Obivously I meant that I would explain to Ms.Upton how my wife is the only woman for me.

Not being a native english speaker I would never want to write something on the internet that can be misunderstood, with or without context.


Relax. No worries :grin:

I actually did show “missus” the video later, and blamed you, LOL! She watched it without saying a word, standing behind me, then said;

“How gorgeous! When are we going to Alaska?”

“But it is not Alaska, it is Antarctica!”

“I know. Just making sure I know what you’re interested in there. So, about going to Alaska, sometime?”

And then , walking out…

“And if ours showed herself off like that, I’d tan her behind with your belt.”

You might beat 'em at chess, but they’ll check mate you every time IRL, LOL!


AHHHAAH, great one. Yep, women are the best.
My wife didn’t force me to write this.


@Andrew116 has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Zmaj Fizir FP-2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zmaj%20Fizir%20FP-2)


That looks so much like a Stearman to me, except the undercarriage seems a bit elaborate (like, early Avro elaborate). What the markings are under the wing are I can only guess as Portuguese (had a model of a Hawker Fury, once, with Portuguese decals, lol!).

Don’t know. Not at all sure. A guess. :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking too… I haven’t peaked yet lol


I did peek this morning, as I determined I wasn’t going to get it. By sheer coincidence I got ridiculously close with the mention of the Fury. The company that built the illustrated aircraft also license built the Fury. And it is not Portugal.

This bot is great! Makes you fill in and links up gaps very effectively! :slight_smile:


I had to peek as well… I never would have got that lol


@Andrew116 has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Hall PH](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall%20PH)


Hmmm gotta be a Dornier something


I see the DO resemblance as well but I am also getting pre-Walrus vibe from it.


Isn’t that the favourite plane of Howard Hughes?


Pfff! Got me again. Looks Saunders-Roe “ish”, but not quite. Blank.