Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


Yep, sorry. I got sidetracked.

Let’s see if this one lasts any longer than my previous effort.


Thats not a Westland Wapiti is it!?


Indeed it is! I’m trying to make this a challenge but you are all just too good!


I’ll admit I had to dig into a book for the one… got lucky I think. Your really working my British biplane knowledge here lol

I bet @PaulRix get this one fast lol


Apologies for a bit off topic, but wanted to ask those in the thread a quick question:

I’m useless at identifying aircraft, but was wondering if I could add a [randomaircraft] new forum bot (@avrec?), to make a bit of a game of it. Sort of like the @wxbot, but for random aircraft pictures. It could randomly pick a main image from something like all the pages down from here (where a picture exists): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft as there seems to be a few to choose from. It might be either quite hard or very easy though :slight_smile: Wikipedia has a simple API so it should be possible.

I thinking the first to reply to the bot with the answer (say, the page title of the article from where the image is from) would then ‘win’. Not sure about that bit.

Anyway, just an idea.


Waiting for the call to arms for @jennekepicbot


It’s a meteor with turboprop engines :slight_smile:


You need to take that up with the public decency and & morality desk. Godspeed man.



McDonnell F3H Demon.


well that was fast, altough they were made by McDonnell afaik, not douglas.


no one saw that.


I think that would be fun. Can you hide the file name of the image?


Savage, perhaps? :grin:


bingo bango!


It could. I mean it will be cheatable with an image search etc, but honor rules and all that then it’ll work. I’ll try something out and post in #meta when it’s playable.

EDIT: Had a play with it here: Random Aircraft Quiz Bot WIP

People of this topic, take a look and let me know if that would be something worth continuing. They all look like aircraft to me :slight_smile:


Next up…

Used by a certain airline related to PanAm, here in South America, if you need a clue! :smile:


By the way, the Savage was quite easy for me, LOL! Have you got it, @near_blind?


No I don’t. I did however read a couple hundred page paper on the rapid restructuring of BuAir during and post WWII and the race to rapidly acquire a platform capable of delivering nuclear weapons from USN Carriers last year, so it’s fresh on the mind.


Yup just started reading about it today, I think it looks awesome lol