Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


Looks like a single engine Cri-Cri…


Hint #2: it resides in an Italian Air Force museum.


Single engine Cri-Cri…Ciao…


Hint #3: The designer died from a heart attack shortly after flying a follow-up and refined design sans rotor(if you are chuckling at this - well you are evil). His daughter has said that she will produce a modern version using a Rotax 912UL engine to be flown under Italian microlight category.


Yesterday, flying into El Dorado Intl, Bogota. We were inbound on radial 240 of BOG VOR, 14 DME, 13,000 ft at 230 KIAS. I was as PM, and was helping PF visually spot some traffic over the VOR that I could see but he hadn’t seen yet. Suddenly, we both noticed a small dot straight ahead, which grew very rapidly into this…

…and flashed past over the left wing. We were both “WTF was that! LOL!” I made the report on the APP frequency immediately, of course.

Obviously, a weather balloon, but I was hoping any of you around here who are au fait with balloons could help me, if possible, telling me what it is exactly. We only got the briefest glimpse of it, but…

At an estimate, I thought it was about 3 to 5 ft in diameter, and it seemed to have sensor packs around a sleeve at the base (a guess). It seemed that it might have been made out of a nylon, or light canvas, as I think it did have seams running up the side (yes, it was that close).

PS: Sorry about the rough sketch, hope it is enough to go on. I can’t find anything like it in my searches.


Definitely swamp gas…


It reminds me a little of those good luck type of lanterns people sometimes make/use. They can get quite big.




The DU’s, FACs, ELACs, SECs and FADECs didn’t get temporarily disabled, ROFL!

Wondered myself, though from the retained image it looked a little more professionally fabricated than the ones I see for sale around here closer to New Year’s Eve. I don’t get the packs around the base, if it was. Unless… hmm… that was cargo…? I’ll leave that topic right there…

It was swamp gas. :grin:


Something was broken there, lets try again.

Never mind I can’t ask for another quiz so soon…

So lets try this


not sure. But is that the Swedish emblem on the fuselage?


Maybe… :wink:


Then at a guess I would have to say the SAAB 21


I believe that one is the jet version but yes its a Saab 21, one of my favorite aircraft.

Your up!


It looks like a Fouga Magister and a Vampire had children :wink:


OK, helicopter this time. This one l saw on the way to busting my ankle and thought as unusual looking. It has a very narrow front aspect, reminds me of a cobra and the dual rotor set up.

I was meaning to check up about it, but hospital got in the way. What better than to ask mudspike for their input.


A K-Max cool!


if that is it, you’re it


Look up KAMAN K-Max, they even have a UAV version.