Aviation Recognition Challenge Thread


Nice! Finally something I can do (although managed to screw-up the Su-27 :expressionless: )


Nice quiz, but one of the “transport planes” depicted was more like the combat variant.

Anyway, with this crowd I guess it’s not about the score but the time it takes. Too bad they don’t seem to measure that. :wink:

(Edit: In terms of raising self esteem, it’s very welcome, seeing as I scored like maybe 2 good hits while reading through this entire thread :joy:)


Thanks, really needed that too :joy:
EDIT: 10/10 of course


10/10 :ok_hand:


LOL! Yeah, I was looking for AC-130, too. :slight_smile:

I felt a bit guilty, as I had a pretty good idea what that French flying boat is, though not specific model. In any case (as per French “tradition”) you’ll find the company name - acronym initials, I believe - on the top of the rudder. Still haven’t peeked, just the same. I was a dreadfully boring youth in school for my classmates, with all my illustrated books on interwar aircraft. Mostly forgotten now, though (maybe fortunately, except for this thread, of course!). :smile:

All feeling better? Good! Here we go, then…


@Cygon_Parrot has asked for a Random Aircraft quiz.

Answer below (no peeking!)[Vickers Vanguard](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers%20Vanguard)


Oh, goodness. Too easy!


Is the sea plane a CAMS 55/2?





I think it is probably right. I wish @TheAlmightySnark would confirm it for us :cold_sweat:, he’s got me on the edge of my seat with that one, and I don’t want to look.

Nobody recognizes the Vickers Vanguard that came up for me? At a stretch it can only be confused with the Electra and the Viscount, really, and I knew it before it finished loading the image. I was sitting there saying “Oh, come on! NO! NO!” LOL!


Oh yes, it is a CAMS 51! I have no idea CAMS Existed anyway so props to you!

I’m pretty terrible at keeping my british civil liners apart unfortunately.


Nope, it’s kind of a tricky one, you’re close.


stars at helicopters exhaust

I think I figured it out… but I think the way I figured it out doesn’t count lol


407 then?


Pretty sure the 407 has four rotor blades. LongRanger was my own initial “reaction”, too, but then I saw the exhausts and fretted. Quite a while ago now, I’ve worked (office/ground work) in two companies that each respectively had a LongRanger and a 407. The former, unfortunately ended up at the bottom of a lake in the mountains near Cuenca, doing some work at a site. Both guys survived, fortunately, LOL!

I figured the image was a “trick” to lure us into saying LongRanger (nice!). Don’t know what it is, specifically!


I think it’s one of those fancy smancy engine upgrades since the 206 is woefully underpowered in many aspects(according to some people at r/helicopters)

EDIT: Hang on a tit, it’s probably the twinranger innit? The engine exhaust is offset to the side implying a second exhaust to be found on the other side!


You got it! Twin Ranger.


Hoorah! I’ll get you a fancy Finnish aircraft tomorrow, went to the aviation museum in Helsinki, I am sure that I can find a tricky one :wink:


Hint #1: one of 2 prototypes