Back For Another Muddy Adventure! SpinTires Mudrunner: An AAR

And so it begins!!!

You have to unlock maps by getting enough points on the unlocked maps by delivering logs.

So here we go! First map The Bog!!!

Three vehicles unlocked at the start, I decide to take the biggest one out for a spin

After a brief drive I decided to take the smaller one out to explore and unlock the map, Say hello to blues smaller brother

First vehicle found, This looks big and fun!!

Unlocked another truck, Already fitted with a fuel cistern

The much anticipated cockpit view, Very simple but effective. Nicely done IMO

Unlocked another truck, Looks fitted with a repair module

A “fun” looking bridge to cross with a full load

Found a fuel station and in the background a garage that I need to unlock.

Unlocked the last watch point to revel the entire map

Back at the starting point, Time to unlock that garage, I need 4 points so I loaded up a semi trailer and headed out,

Got a little stuck on this little hill, Back up and got a running start and cleared it

Took this turn a little tight, Time to back up and hope I dont tip…

Some much for hope…

I was able to reset the truck to the starting point, However the trailer stayed put, creating a roadblock on the only road to the garage…

Time to jump in this beast and see if I can get that trailer up right!

Next time, We will see if I get the trailer up right and connected and to the garage…


Back for more!

Got the trailer on its wheels, The K700 can really pull some stuff, Enjoy the video, Sorry about the camera work, Its kind of a pain to work.

Ready for hook up

Hooked up a ready to go

Stuck on this little hill had to get the K700 which pulled us over like nothing

Got across the bridge after almost losing the trailer again.

There it is the garage, almost there!

Got everything fueled and at the garage,

Next up log transporting! I need 8 log points to complete the map Most I can haul at a time is 4 I think maybe six. No large load trailer so it might not be to bad. Stay tuned!


You know that most vehicle have a which you can tie to trees to pull yourself out of a tight spot?

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Just loaded up as well, Getting Muddy !!!


Yep and I tried that but the only tree I could reach snapped…

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Ohsh!t. :frowning:

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I have to say. Using a steering wheel and gear shifter does make this fun. The force feedback is quite good, you can feel the truck pulling you on slopes.

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Lets get Muuuuuuudddy!!!

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They really improved the physics on this, feels much better than it used to.

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This is reason enough to get this. I liked Spintires, but disliked the lack of cockpit view and wheel support.

Time to get the logs to the mill

All fueled up and ready to go with the medium log cart, Most I can hold is 4 points worth of logs. So two trips with this bad boy to complete the objective!

So no roads really lead to the closest lumber pick up spot, So we need to go off the beaten path a bit,

Just squeezing through the trees,

But we made it through, Like the first spintires, the water truck interaction is outstanding!

Off the beaten path was really drive through a river, Good thing we arent coming back this way with a load.

Loaded up with the first load,

Getting ready to leave the road, and forage ahead to the mill

Another example of the water truck interaction,

Was hoping to make it to the mill before dark, but we are only halfway, so we push on into the unknown under darkness!

Turning into the mill area, or what I hope is the mill area.

That light through the trees means we are almost to the mill!

And we have arrived!

Time to go back to the fuel spot to refuel and grab another load,

And we were able to take the “main” road back.

All fueled up and ready to go get load number 2!

First trip was pretty easy, This second trip might not be if the ruts I cut the first trip are to deep now…Stay tuned!

Nice. I’m just downloading now. @Linebacker

Wha? Are you reading my mind or something? :grin:

So here we go with the second trip,

Same way to the log station but I found a bigger opening to get into the river,

Into the river, kinda deep at this spot.

But I got through it, and cleaned the truck a bit

Deep again and almost hung up,

Loaded up and ready to go

Same route to the mill but a little different to avoid previous ruts,

At the entrance to the mill area, Almost home

Almost made it to the mill…

Time to grab the big boy, Almost lost it going over the bridge,

Arriving on scene to get the truck back on its wheels

Back up and it looks like a log stayed on!

Up next we will see how many points one log gives us and then try to pick up the other ones if we can with the K700.

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Alright, lets see what one log will give us points wise.

Absolutely nothing apparently…

Well lets grab the two logs left and see what they give us,

Got them and got out of the hole,

And they are worth nothing,

Welp lets park it off to the side and get a different truck

This truck looks fast,

A quick stop at the starting garage to drop the fuel cistern and we are off to the other garage to get the medium log setup

Just past the lumber yard on my way to the garage,

Arriving at the garage,

Got the medium log setup and a full tank of full,

Making the turn to go into the river

Driving through the river

Loaded up and ready to go

Across the open to the yard we go

Coming up to the turn into the yard as darkness comes

Just made it past the spot where I lost it, Home free now!

Got the load to the mill!!!

And thats a wrap for this map!

Next up we tackle the island!!!


Time to travel to the Island!!!

First thing we will do is unlock all the map and see what we have and how we are going to get logs to both, that’s right both, lumber yards,

And here are the 3 vehicles I start with, And like last time I will go with the little guy to explore!

Got on some pavement and unlocked two trucks,

The pavement was short lived and I tried to cross this river, Almost got washed out to sea! I did get stuck and was able to find one winch point which saved me

Found another truck, which had a repair kit too! I repaired my water damage and pushed on

Found another truck, this one has a refuel cistern, We are good on fuel so we push on

Unlocked a little more of the map at this unlock point

Found a garage, of course I need to get 4 garage points to it to unlock it

Found a fuel point as well,

At a checkpoint which makes this map interesting, No log loaded trucks can pass through this point. So much for an easy map…

Back at the starting garage, Refueled and repaired, ready to find the last map unlock tower,

Found the other lumber yard, and the last unlock tower is just through these woods,

SO the ditch was a bit deeper than anticipated, So we load up the repair truck and get ready to set out to repair the little one.

Up next, We hopefully repair our explorer truck and get to the last unlock point and then get the other garage unlocked…

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We arrived with the repair truck,

After repairs we found the last tower,

With the map unlocked it was time to unlock the garage, Last map I took the big trailer, This time I opted for the repair module and small repair trailer, 2 points each for a total of 4 points.

Clearing the checkpoint, about halfway to the garage, So far so good

Downhill to the garage, This combo seems indestructible,

Made it with no issues what so ever!

Unlocked the garage and refueled and parked,

Went and grabbed a different truck, Thinner tires but taller, should help in the water.

Decided,based on the garage trailer test, to go with a different config for log hauling, A small log module and a small log trailer. 3 points of logs each,

Loaded up and coming up the hill at the log station,

Passing through the river, all good so far

Last turn and all downhill from here to the lumber yard,

Six points of logs delivered!

Since I only need 2 points to finish the first lumber yard, I dropped the trailer off and headed back for another load,

Loaded up and ready to go,

One lumber yard down and one to go, I hooked up to my trailer and parked.

Up next we tackle the final lumber yard, which could be difficult, stay tuned!


Time to set out for the final lumber yard, I decided to change trucks and go for wider tires.

Short logs first, so 3 points, not sure about the route so I decided to go safe first

Loaded up and ready to set out,

Hill coming out of the log station is steep,

Made it to the fuel station, Decided to fill up just in case,

On the beach with a lot of rocks, bigger tires defiantly paid off

Made it to the mill, 3 points down 5 to go!

Made it back to the starter garage, I took off the small log module, so i had less weight driving to the other garage,

Made it to the other garage, I configed with the long trailer, We shall see how this works out

Loaded up and struggling up the hill

Made it up the hill and almost tipped it

Slow moving through some water, need to winch about 5 different times,

Made it out of the water,

Slow moving over the rocks, trying not to tip over

Made it across the river, Extra weight kept the current from moving the truck

More rocks and almost tipping

Made it across the rocky beach and back to the path,

I can see the lumber yard,

Made it!!!

That long trailer was a fun stressful drive!!! Slow and sure wins that race!

And with that the Island is complete!!!

Next up we tackle the seashore as the maps get harder.

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Next up Seashore,

We only start with 2 trucks this time,

I was going to go with the little guy first but one of the garages that I need to unlock is in the already explored area, so we are going to unlock it first

Lots of trees in the path early, I also I love that fact that I am basically pulling an old train car!

Found a refuel point, So I filled up

Well this looks like a muddy mess, Should be fun to cross

Well it took some time but we made it across

Made it to the garage,

Had 2 trucks close by to unlock, This guy

And this 8x8 beast,

Decided to get the 8x8 back to the garage so I could see what options I had with it

Both trucks at the garage,

Time to get in the little guy and unlock some more of the map

Hmmmm thats a fast moving river, Oh well lets try to cross it,

The crossing did not go well, Im just glad the truck stopped moving down stream

So with the little guy out of commission, I get back in the 6x6 and go exploring,

Whats this pavement?!?!?! YAY!!

Found and unlocked 2 more trucks, This 6x6 set up for medium logs and behind me there is another 6x6 set up for small logs

Found one unlock tower,

Found another tower,

Got to another one, barely, Only one left to go,

Cool bridge across the river, Somewhere down stream is my little truck,

And the last unlock tower, dont mind the damage to the truck, its only a flesh wound

Now to rescue the little guy, We found him and should be able to winch,

After a few minutes we got him to shore,

Back on the road, I decided to pull the little guy to a garage,

River crossing went better with the 6x6 pulling the little guy,

On pavement, home free to the garage,

Big hill to this garage, little struggle but we made it

Both trucks at the garage, Little guy has some damage but once I unlock the garage it will be fixed,

We hop in the 6x6 with the small log module,

We take it to the first unlocked garage and gear up with 4 garage points and set off to unlock the other garage,

Its really hard to tip this set up over but I almost did right here,

On pavement almost to the garage,

Surprisingly the train car pulls up the hill really well,

Made it to the garage,

Everything is repaired and ready for the next part of the adventure,

I loaded up the 8x8 with a small log module and a small log trailer, so 6 points of lumber, and set off

As i pulled out of the lumber yard I noticed fuel would be an issue, in deep mud Im running 25l a minute, So I need to position a refuel truck, Back to get a 6x6 with a fuel trailer and go fill it up

Why do they never put fuel point on pavement?

Refueled and filled up the trailer with 3200 litres

I strategically positioned the tanker truck,

Back in the 8x8 we made it to pavement,

And we made it to the refuel point,

Up next we deliver lumber to both yards, It would be easy if we could stay on pavement, however there are 2 checkpoints that dont allow lumber loads to pass, so off road it is! Stay tuned