Baldur's Gate 3

I am still in act 1, doing Mountain Pass stuff. Blown away.

I slowed a bit down though, as I have also started playing in a multi-player campaign.
A buddy of mine, who is also one of my D&D players, has bought the game and I promised to teach him a bit while accompanying him. He chose bard, I created a ranger. We have only scratched the surface of act1 so far, but the game is already so much different from what I played in my solo campaign. Decisions matter a lot.

We encountered a few bugs and things that I don’t really like (such as me not being able to profit from guidance spells during dialogues, or that I have to wait while my buddy trades and cannot even look at the merchant’s inventory) but it is an overall enjoyable experience.

Edit: oh, and I realize how many things I missed in my first playthrough.


I would love to try co-op… but the amount of time it takes me to check out a merchant’s inventory, do I trade or barter, etc.

if anyone did that to me I would stuff them in Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

awww the owl bear cub … I would imagine similar to your drop bears :grin:


Faerûn has such a deadly wildlife, it might be a training simulation for Australia.


This :arrow_up: :grin:

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A quick tip for players, back in the old days of the pen and paper game 1st and 2nd edition, for our group my character was a cleric of tempus, and made much use of the fantastic 2nd level spell silence 15’ radius … you cast it near an enemy spell caster or on yourself and the enemy gets no saving throw … and you are then able to batter them on hand to hand … to my delight it also works in bg3 with the added bonus they can’t call for help :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yep, silence is a great spell.

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Speaking of silence… I have to break mine regarding the camera. In certain areas, the camera is annoying as I try to get the right angle. Sometimes, I feel like I spend just as much time fighting the camera as I do enemies. Still, loving the game.

Combat definitely involves thought and tactics with a little luck of the dice rolls.


Yeah the camera can indeed be annoying.

There are mods trying to tackle the problem, but I don’t want to break the achievements (if you install mods you don’t get them anymore).

I am a few hours into act 2 now. The game progresses nicely.


I too find the camera ‘sucky’ why not give us the ability to idependently tilt and zoom? - IIRC the camera in Neverwinter Nights (I & II) was the same? I generally leave it at minimum zoom/max angle and just pan the camera around to ‘see behind walls’ etc and recenter on character when I’m done.

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I’m notorious for modding games (mostly cosmetic stuff) but I’ve avoided modding this game for that very reason.

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Yeah the only one I have installed is a model swap of Shadowheart’s hair because I don’t like her hair.

And that one doesn’t break the achievements because it isn’t a real mod, just a replaced file . It does trigger a warning that there might be a corrupt file (the checksum is different) but it works.


My biggest frustration came with the Felogyr’s Fireworks quest. I tried to fly to the roof but had to zig-zag using a house across the street because the camera refused to pan up one flight. I’ve had the same issue with the tops of stairwells. I can’t support a team member and have to waste a turn because the camera won’t let me move up one flight to execute my action. Arrrgghhh!

Even when I find a camera sweet spot, I have to keep fiddling with it because the camera acts like it has a mind of its own.

Oh well… Act III has been brutal! I’ve died more in this act than I & II combined. I’ve gotten an understanding of the mechanics and developed solid combat tactics but some enemies seem overpowered! It’s humbling getting through a battle with barely a scratch then walking into an encounter and having my team decimated like rank amateurs. I know sometimes having the wrong team composition might be a factor but man…

I’m getting ready to face Carrion but I can’t find his heart, which is the key to his immortality. I’ve scoured the city from corner to corner, including the Undercity.

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How many abducted people can they cram into moonrise towers anyway? I haven’t even reached there yet and I’m exhausted thinking about all the rescuing.

Any chance they’re all kept in one big holding cell?

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Brutal is an understatement :wink: and some enemies ‘are’ overpowered: I have actually had a bit of a break because even though I am about 16 hours into Act 3, at least four hours of that was completing the ‘House of Hope’… I died more times in that ‘mission’ than in the rest of the game combined. It really took the wind out of my sails and a time out was needed.

I have already maxed out at lvl 12, so there isn’t much to make the fights easier except have my magic users juggle their spellbooks!

You have also found some quests in the City that I haven’t yet, but if you managed to get Jaheira in your party during Act 2 you really need to find Minsc next :slight_smile:

@speck Just in case that was a rhetorical question: Not as many prisoners as I was expecting and although it is two cells, give the gnomes a hammer rather than opening their cell doors :wink:

Oops, forgot that (slight spoiler): all the prisoners aren’t in Moonrise towers, but you get the chance to rescue them at the end of Act 2.

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I am making my way through act2 now.
So much to explore!

And even though it was hard I friendzoned Karlach. Committed to Shadowheart now, although Wyll made a move toward me as well. He’s not my type though.


The male companions in this game are definitely thirsty and I feel like I have to choose my words carefully during conversations. Now I have an idea of how females feel in some social gatherings. :open_mouth:


There is so much to do. I actually missed and/or messed up a couple of quests in Act II that have come back to haunt me in Act III. I think my final confrontation with the Brain is going to be an uphill battle.

I have Jaheira, who sucked at first but leveled up well enough to be quite the fighter. Getting to Minsc is proving challenging and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have leads but can’t get to him. I really want Minsc on my team. Anyway, I’m taking a day off to regroup. According to Steam, I’ve played the game for 339.5 hours.

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I think they wouldn’t even be that bad, but sometimes the dialogues have options that feel like this to me:

  1. “I want to strangle you”
  2. “I dont care”
  3. “I want to jump your bones right now”
  4. walk away

For example Gale. You can either insult his cat or imply that you want to be “more than just traveling companions” which I interpreted as friendship, and he, well, didn’t.
Same for Wyll. You can mock his dance or insult his parents, just walk away, or do something that I would call flirting, which (to nobody’s surprise) made him try and kiss me.

I love the game but sometimes it is like that.
I don’t want to be rude, but also not flirty.

…huh. I think you may be right. That’s probably how many women feel all the time.