Baldur's Gate 3

Loving this game for making that point felt.

I also love you guys for appreciating it. I would be quite ok with your sons dating my daughter :wink:



100 hours in and level 10, I finished the boss fight at the end of act2 and I cannot get over how great this is. That voice acting during those cutscenes is awesome, the story progresses nicely, and the fights themselves are really well set up allowing for a wide range of possible tactics.

And the game isn’t even afraid to let you try finish bossfights (or at least phases of bossfights) without any fighting (however with consequences for choosing that option).

My buddy and I are 30 hours into his campaign, and I can already tell how I will do SO many things differently in another playthrough, choosing options neither my buddy nor I chose in those two campaigns. Things that I want to explore now that I know how some things go in the game.



Agreed this is the closest a pc rpg game has come to the pen and paper version… the staggering amount of different ways you can do things… and of course the spirt guardian spell is just awesomely over powered at lower levels :grinning:


I have had a bit of a hiatus due to the number of fires around here lately and I now have my parents visiting from out of State.

I know there is still a lot to do, I have just tracked down Auntie Ethel (again) but I think my next steps will be to take on Orin (hopefully rescue Halsin if he still alive?) then take out the Steel Watch Foundry and Gortash and see what the endgame is?

I hate rushing the ending but I can see at least another two playthroughs in my future, so I also kinda want to save some ‘undiscovered’ content for that.

But yeah, BG3 is frimly at the top of my best RGP ever list.

I couldn’t agree more, I even bought a copy of the 5e Player Handbook from EB Games when I was in town last week :wink:


Sadly I cannot play as much as I’d like to.

But man, the beginning of act3 piles a lot onto the plate. I think I spent 25 hours or so in Rivington and on the bridge. SO much to explore.


Same here! I’m veering into “TOO much to explore” territory for the first time with this game though.

Can’t really complain, it’s so good and I feel like I’ve gotten two or maybe even three separate games worth out of it already but man it’s starting to feel a little overwhelming.

Tempted to put it down for a bit, but as it is now I’m barely remembering who’s who. If I come back in a few months I’ll won’t remember anything.


I got tired of the grind in Act 3 so decided to focus on the main questline. There’s simply too much to do and no real direction, which left me going from point A to B and back again. I also encountered a bug regarding Mystic Carrion. Anyway, I figured I hit the level cap so earning more XP really wasn’t making a difference. Spoiler: After getting the last netherstone, the game will fast-track to the final conflict and you will be stuck with your current party. At least that was the case for me.

I know I missed a ton of content and left a bunch of loose ends but I felt satisfied with my end-game decisions. I’m taking a break to focus on Starfield and plan another playthrough. I might go with my usual ranger or run with a monk again. Not sure.

Still, I did enjoy the game and hope that Larian releases DLC or a sequel.


The cool thing about skipping some side quests is that if you skip different ones on your second playthrough you can get to see a lot more different content then.


Indeed. I almost never do multiple playthroughs of games but I’m looking forward to doing it with this game. I figure by the time I get through Starfield, I’ll have forgotten enough of BG3 to make it feel relatively fresh.

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I have played exactly zero hours since my last post. Aside from visitors from out of state, in the past two weeks we have had vehicle issues with both of our cars…

One car repaired, one car replaced, visitors leave next week and just like you guys I will smash out the end of BG3 with enough ‘left-over’ content to make a replay worthwhile and get some time with Starfield :slight_smile:


So I kinda accidentally on purpose let those gondians in the iron throne get blown up.

I guess I could have saved them, but man these battles towards the end are turning into a slog - just couldn’t take another reload.

I’m thinking about switching difficulty to easy so I can finish up quicker. Peeked ahead online and it looks like there’s at least 3 more giant battles coming my way, not sure I have it in me. Testament to how great the game is it’s taken me this long to start feeling burnt out, but it’s starting to happen.

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Act three is kinda long, especially since you have to defeat two bosses before your encounter with the Elder Brain. The side quests also become useless once you reach lvl cap, at least for me. I ultimately gave up on them and just did what I needed for the main quest. Everyone’s experiences will differ but I simply got tired…

Still, it was one of the most engaging games I’ve played in a long time.

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Cool, glad I’m not alone then - and yeah I didn’t think the level cap thing would bother me but now that I’ve hit it I wish there were a couple more to get to

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Me too. Also open up all those juicy spells and abilities at Lvl 13 - 15.

I have already dropped difficulty to easy :wink:

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I like hearing this, I’m about to tonight

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I sadly cannot find the time to play right now.
Still enjoying the game though.

Karlack, no!!!

They certainly telegraphed that but I still was not prepared.

I can’t believe it’s over, what the heck am I gonna play now?

Keep going with Cyberpunk? Took a while but it grew on me eventually. Alan Wake 2? Have a soft spot for the first one (and most things Remedy). Anyone tried it?

edit - just looked it up and of course that’s not the only ending for that character, should have known.


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Just FYI for the Xbox gamers… in an unannounced surprise BG3 was released on Xbox last night. Downloading now just to check it out because next week I’m going to Gatlinburg for the X-mas holiday won’t start actually playing till the new year.

And while I’m here… if you like BG3 style play, try the just released demo for King Arthur: Knights Tale it is good, comes out mid February, but gives you a good taste. CRPG with turn based tactical combat.

Just FYI.


Oh s***. Am I ready for this? I quit Starfield and still haven’t finished Hogwarts so…maybe not.