Battle of the MMO Mice!

MMO mice are also great for tactical shooters …

G600 …


versus Scimitar …


G600 HANDS DOWN! Don’t let the pretty looks of the Scimitar fool you. Really bad product.

I can guess… but to me it looks like I just grab it and in fast sequence it would:

  • cycle the bolt action rifle I’m currently using,
  • throw all my grenades,
  • call an airstrike on my mom’s apartment,
  • un-pair all my socks in the drawer and
  • call my ex-girlfriends.

TL;DR- Makes me feel like I need surgeon hands to deal with them.


I picked up an entry level gaming mouse recently, the Logitech G602 which is wireless, which I really like. I notice that the higher end gaming mice are wired, which I assume is to eliminate latency but is it really noticeable to a FPS player?

That and you cannot run out of batteries during a game. That’s the reason why I never use cordless mice or keyboards.


Maybe its my grave digger hands, but are all those buttons easily manipulated? i think my thumb would mash half of those buttons by mistake


I’m not sure what you need all those buttons for in an fps.

I’m usually 1 button short on my mouse, that’s it. and I could fix that if I didn’t care about on the fly dpi adjustment, because it would give me two buttons back.

I cannot really handle such a mouse either, but I know people who can. Mostly in MMOs naturally.

I don’t really see what you could do with then in a shooter either…

I think I probably have similar grave digger hands (6’4" and 17 stone here :slight_smile: ) which is why I’ve never gotten used to the WASD layout for shooters … I think you’d need pretty dainty hands for that. :slight_smile:

This is the zone I use on the keyboard …


It centers around the arrow keys for moving forward/back strafe left/strafe right.

I guess that’s probably why I need so many buttons on my mouse … have you ever counted the number of keyboard commands in ArmA?!

The thumb buttons on the mouse that are further back are a bit hard to get but they’re tilted nicely on the G600.

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Geeze, you nearly had me running out to buy that G602 @PaulRix! :slight_smile: I’ve never used cordless mice because of the input lag but I haven’t tried them recently and the specs on that one say 2ms!!! Impressive … as well as the 250 hours of battery life?!

Then I saw the thing about the 2,500 dpi resolution … I need at least 8,000 dpi, especially now with the 4K screen. The Scimitar Pro is actually rated at 16,000 which I had to turn down to 8000 but impressive none the less.

I guess that is why it was about $35 rather than a lot more. I’m on a 1080p 32 inch TV that does the job for me, but it is a long way from being optimal by today’s standards.

I’ve been using various “keypads” ever since they were first conceived as a peripheral. Here’s my latest (and greatest!) combo:

Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display / Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The G13 has been discontinued and is going for no less than $200! I should have picked up a second controller as a backup when I had the chance! The G502 on the other hand is $50 - $70 and is by far the best mouse I’ve ever used. What I love about the G13 is the analog joystick. It’s fully programmable, but can be used as an actual joystick for games w/ joystick support. I hope nothing bad ever happens to it, there is no way I’m spending $200 for a replacement!

That’s a good mouse. I have it too.

That’s just a smaller keyboard to me. I like the idea but I have no use for it. I have seriously large hands.

I’m tellin’ ya … big hand guys can not go wrong with this zone …


I used to be an arrows key guy myself back when I did the KB/M. I could never do WASD, it just never felt comfortable to me. The arrow keys have enough space to differentiate themselves from the other keys, but are still surrounded by enough keys to get the job done. Plus, key groups such as INS - PGDN are grouped together in such a way as to let you organize them in a logical manner. WASD had zero tactile difference between them and the surrounding keys, which made it difficult for me to keep from smashing the wrong keys when things got crazy.

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I also was an arrows guy but at some point a friend convinced me to try WASD and I was surprised how quickly I got used to it.

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wasd master race

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Unfortunately I developed my layout back in 1996 when Duke Nukem 3D was released LOL! I have no reason to start using the WASD layout now and I can’t make my hands smaller. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think the WASD layout was started with Quake …

Oh ya, and here’s another reason I never went WASD …

Always had a joystick between my legs. :smiley:

I even have to invert the Y axis on my mouse! Pull to look up, push to look down.

you know if you’d just play like everyone else it wouldn’t take 6 days to set up your controls

I’m a control freak.