Belsimtek Mi-8

Belsimtek implement PKV removal to civil Mi-8.

[QUOTE]News No.26

Hide PKV gunsight.

It is removable PKV gunsight. The PKV gunsight is now removed together with the holders of еxternal weapon stations.



I’ve never used that sight, so yay I guess.

Now, when is the fan going to spin? :smile:

The fan was implemented on late december 2015 and get in the update 1.5.2 Update 2 / 2.0.0 :smile:


Heh - thanks! I’ve never tried that switch and always wanted the spinning fan, and had it all the time - thank you @Silver_Dragon!


I recommend you check the last version of Mi-8 manual, Belsimtek was implement some new switch and new functionality on the last months.

And more funtionality can coming in the future.

Yep, just enjoying the breeze now…


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Hoorah! This is most excellent news!

More news from belsimtek, now we can activate and deactivate the mirrors by a key on the Mi-8.

[QUOTE]News No.27

Now you can remove the side mirrors.

"On / Off button. mirror "in the settings has 3 positions:

  1. Mirrors have work.

  1. Mirrors is, do not work.

  1. Mirrors removed.


  1. Mirrors removed.

  1. Mirrors installed.

Increasing the choice of helicopter layout will produce a new small pleasures of flights to MI-8MTV2 Belsimtek.;)[/QUOTE]


Wow, I’d stopped staying on top of the Hip updates - looks like I missed quite a bit! Thanks, @Silver_Dragon!

Animation update on Mi-8 cockpit

[url=]Mi-8MTV2 News - Page 25 - DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight - ED Forums

[quote]News №29.

There are clickable and animation elements pilot’s cyclic control stick.:slight_smile:



PilotMi8 confirm door gunners, bugfixes and new features on the next update release of the belsimtek Mi-8
[url=]Belsimtek Magnificent Mi-8 is true to it's name - DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight - ED Forums

[quote]Colleagues, we are very pleased to read that you have seen and appreciated our work!
With the Release of the DCS: Mi-8 in addition to the bugs fix, add doorgunner and other features awaits you a complete description of the Systems of hels and Procedures, in style as in the MiG-15 Flight Manual!
Perhaps English (in describe the Systems) will not be very good, but I think - will be understandable)[/quote]

KORD 12.7mm MG has human or AI controled. PKT 7.62mm only AI (I think temporaly).


Very exciting news!

bounces off walls I thought they forgot about the door gunners!!! YESSS!

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Sounds good. I don’t fly it much but I am glad they haven’t forgotten it and are still developing it.

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Mi-8 Belsimtek new develop news

[QUOTE]News №30.

For the purpose of bigger approach of perception of management Mi-8MTB2 of DCS to real, specialists of the company Belsimtek enter into game new control for joysticks - “JOYSTICK WITHOUT SPRINGS AND FFB”.

That is trimming option for joysticks without springs and without feedback (FFB – Force Feedback)."

Features of use of joysticks of various designs.

As in the real helicopter the handle of a cyclic step of the helicopter, practically never is in strictly central situation and at the same time the mechanism of trim effect is actively used (fixing by springs of any situation CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM), the joystick with feedback (FFB) which also, as well as in real can fix the handle in any place of admissible range of movements, is ideal option for management of helicopter model. Position of the handle of the joystick with feedback (FFB) always corresponds to situation CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM in a virtual cabin. Almost exact imitation of work of CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM, as in the real helicopter is created. In the ordinary joystick the handle is kept by springs in the central situation, and the player needs or to overcome constantly efforts of springs, or to use function of the “EXPECTATION of RETURN TO the CENTER” control that does not allow to play comfortably on models of helicopters.

Because joysticks with FFB feedback, are rather rare on sale presently, and also are quite expensive, enthusiasts of the Mi-8MTB2 module with support Belsimtek conducted research on the basis of the COBRA M5 joystick

, for the purpose of a possibility of its completion regarding acquisition of the main property by it from FFB joysticks – possibilities of free movement and deduction without efforts of the handle of the game device on any mode of flight of model of the helicopter.,
Centering springs which keep the handle in the center were removed from the COBRA M5 joystick. And under axes of longitudinal and cross rocking chairs, washers, for the purpose of creation of loading effect for the joystick handle were enclosed (that there was no “falling” of the handle at a hand).

For a perception correctness the simulator of such modifed joystick and at the same time preservations of sound effect of trimming into game entered new control for joysticks with the withdrawn springs - “JOYSTICK WITHOUT SPRINGS AND FFB”.
This function allows to synchronize when pressing the button of the trimmer position of the virtual handle with position of the handle of the joystick on various modes of flight.

Flights on DCS: Mi-8 MTB2, with use of the COBRA M5 joystick and remote springs, showed excellent imitation of work of CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM, full compliance of situation CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM in a virtual cabin and joystick handles. Running start of indexes of the autopilot decreased, management became more exact, unpleasant twitchings of the handle of management when using the “trimming with return to the center” mode due to the lack of need of return of the handle of the joystick to the central situation for removal of effort from joystick springs disappeared. In general flights became more smooth.

Testing was carried out by real pilots of MI-8 who confirmed high extent of approach of motility of movements with the handle of the COBRA M5 joystick with remote springs to work as real CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM.

It is natural that some time should be spent for accustoming to the new scheme of management, to wean from finding of the handle of management of the joystick in the center. But more real feelings received subsequently when flying on “eight”, compensate everything!

At desire to feel how moves in flight of CYCLIC CONTROL SYSTEM of the real helicopter, to receive more exact skills of management of the eight, each user, using these recommendations, will be able to make simple alterations of the joystick.

Cleaning of springs from pedals will add more real perception of control of helicopter.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]News №31.

Windshield wiper work!



yeah, they work on the Huey too

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Belsimtek Mi-8MTv2 has release

[quote]You can purchase DCS: Mi-8MTV2 module here

We are glad to announce, that by the end of November 2016 we will be ready to change DCS: Mi-8MTV2Magnificent Eight status from “early access” to “release”!

Among the others fixes and additions in DCS: Mi-8MTV2, we added a possibility to use AI door and rear gunners (Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), ability to play as door gunner. Sling-load operations gameplay was thoroughly upgraded and fixed. Pilot’s guide manual was dramatically reworked: systems principles and operations described in depth, all procedures from startup to weapon employment thoroughly illustrated. New campaign from 3rd party developer will be available soon after release state of module.

Development of DCS: Mi-8MTV2 was started in first quarter of 2013 by Belsimtek. For various reasons we couldn’t finish module development to “release” state (our internal quality control was the reason).

A lot of things were fixed and added since we released module to early access.

Here are the main changes which were made for this period:

Fixed and added helicopter systems, 32 additions in sum, diary of fixes for systems can be found in news about this module:
RU – Новости Ми-8МТВ2 - DCS: Ми-8МТВ2 Великолепная Восьмерка - ED Forums
EN – Mi-8MTV2 News - DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight - ED Forums
Destructive overload was fine-tuned (gear break possibility, tail rotor breakaway), gear friction, damage system from projectiles hits tuned, crew cabin armor implemented.
Cockpit sound was tuned and fixed according to real Mi-8 pilots feedback.
Sling-load gameplay upgraded: new loads were added ( 8 so far, more to come with updates) with their dynamics tuned, sling damage upon contact with helicopter implemented, crew chief sling-load operation voice commands added.
AI door and rear gunners added ( Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), with ability to play as door gunner. Different predefined settings for combined TrackIR and mouse interactions for view and machine gun controls were added.
Gun Camera added.
Special options for module were changed, including addition of joystick without springs and FFB option.
Pilot’s guide was reworked, every procedure illustrated, systems descriptions added (including frequently asked questions on forums), typos and inaccuracies fixed (guide colume increased by 100%).
Before “Release” status our Mi-8 was highly praised by our users: Belsimtek Magnificent Mi-8 is true to it's name - DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight - ED Forums and we expect, that huge work which was done by our team and volunteers, who love this helicopter, will give you more fun and joy while you playing DCS: Mi-8MTV2, and maybe will help somebody in real life!

Belsimtek team.

Main features of DCS: Mi-8MTV2:

High precision professional flight model for all altitude, temperature, speed and loadouts ranges
6 DOF precise high fidelity cockpit
Cockpit is interactive and mouse clickable
Weapon system modeled with different loadouts
Different helicopter systems precisely modeled: electrical, fuel, hydraulics, anti-ice, anti-fire, radio and stability augmentation systems (AP-34B)
Authentic liveries
Tutorial missions and single player missions
Full and short manuals on Russian and English languages
Single player campaign from Belsimtek, DLC campaigns from 3rd parties
You can read about helicopter and its systems and weapons employment in our Pilot’s flight manual for free.[/quote]

New Flight Manual:


Nice updates! Looking forward to checking out the new manual.