Best throttle

Having read the recent thred that identified the throttle as the key piece of a sim (thanks @Victork2 ). I have been thinking about the Virpil T50(3) for a while.

Is there anything better?


I recently got one over my warthog and I’m loving it. Its going to be hard buying anything not virpil after this.


Not having used the Virpil, I can’t claim the Winwing Orion is better or worse.
I can say that I have both the Hornet and Viper grips for it and I’m very happy with it.


I can only speak for the Warthog (it is the only ‘proper’ throttle I have ever owned). I have never had a problem with it and it has done everything I wanted. But from a lot of what I have read, construction quality varies. I must have been lucky because so far mine has been bulletproof - nearly ten years of constant use and it still works as good as the day I bought it.

That said. Even if it was decision based on $$$ alone, if I needed to replace it today it would be with a Virpil T50(3).

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I am going to be deputy of ‘golden standard’ :slight_smile:

I am using Logitech X56 throttle (part of HOTAS unfortunately, not sold separately) for some time now and I am satisfied with this piece of kit. its plastic but it do its job. lots of buttons, switches, potentiometers, …


The x56 is a good throttle, one minor issue I came across is the wire routing for the pinky switch on the throttle, because of the continuous movement the wire on this switch fatigued and became intermittent… it would only work when the throttle was either fully forward or fully back … I should really get it opened and fix it…I have been thinking about using it along side my warthog throttle for ww2 planes


It seems that Winwing and Virpil are the big players in the high-end flight sim peripherals market.

I don’t own either (yet) but purely judging from the videos I have seen, I think the Winwing throttles are replicas of the Hornet and Viper throttles, whereas the Virpil T-50CM3 seems to be a more generic and versatile design (it might be inspired by some Russian HOTAS, I don’t know).

Browsing the Winwing website, I see 2 kinds of throttle bases: the huge block thing called Super Taurus and the more reasonably dimensioned Orion2. The advantage of the former is not immediately clear to me, but it probably feels more realistic.

Both of Winwings throttles are modular, allowing different kind of grips: F-16, F/A-18 and Ka-50 collective.
The Virpil throttle is not modular and their collective is a standalone product.

I’m not sure how prices compare with shipping included but the Orion2 throttle seems cheaper than the Virpil T-50CM3 while the Taurus is more expensive.

Winwing is based in China while Virpil Controls is currently based in Lithuania, in the EU. IIRC it was started by a citizen of or in Belarus.


I have the Virpil CM3 and I’m very happy with it. The detent system is very useful as it provides tactile feedback to the position of the throttle.
As mentioned by @freak, it’s a generic design. It is quite ergonomic and the handles can be linked together. Combined with Virpils SharKa-50 control panel, you can use its levers as propeller and mixture controls.
I am intrigued by the WinWing throttles and I like the idea of interchangeable grips. But as I tend to fly both multi and single engine aircraft in the same day, I don’t know how practical it would be for me… Also, I fly in VR. Having the buttons stay in the same place makes my life easier :wink: If you do have a favourite aircraft and fly the Hornet, Warthog or Viper, exclusively, I’d say look no further.


With a little more time to elaborate, the CM3 throttle works wonderfully for me because I use my HOTAS on my desk and store them then I’m not flying. I have no space or interest on a more permanent setup or full cockpit. In that sense, it’s generic nature and low profile base, together with the top quality makes a lot of sense for me. It’s better built than the warthog, even though it’s lighter. My warthog started having some switch failures (after a very long time, mind you), and replacing them was a pain. Also, the warthog lacked some rotaries and axis that I use regularly now.

I think winwing’s idea that you’d be switching from F-16 to F-18 form factor regularly is kind of a pipe dream for me, I’d rather have the LEAST amount of prep time or finicking before I jump in.

There is one small gripe with the virpil: the locking mechanism. There is a bit of play when you lock the two throttles together. It is far from a game changer, and I got used to it in one session. But still, the rest of it is so mechanically sound, this kind of stand out.

Other than than I love the axis movemen (much better precision and longer travel than the warthog), love the switches and buttons (still didn’t manage to bind them all in a single plane), and the look and form factor. It doesn’t hurt that it’s got a smaller footprint (I took the feet off and managed to glue some rubber pads on the base that work for me).


I discovered wire insulation degradation on my very old X55 throttle (broken insulation where it was most strained on wires coming from grip to base). originally I thought it caused some issues I experienced.

then I realized that it was caused by usb hub. too late, I already started to repair it :slight_smile: didnt finish the repair and replaced it with X56.

Good point

The only issue I’ve had with the -2 virpil throttle was the detents in the 8-way hats are sometimes finicky. Just one or two but sometimes the just don’t register the ‘click’. Haven’t really resolved it.

Have the WW f-16 grip and it’s really good; feels good: buttons gud. Only minor thing is the amount of travel (roll/pitch) is less than I was used too but I’ve adjusted my brain to it.

So if the quality of the WW sticks are representative the throttle should be good.

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I like the Winwing Orion 2 with Hornet grips, no buyer’s remorse here.

I don’t think I’d realistically ever change the grips, it seems like work and I’d prefer to spend my (limited) hobby time actually flying something. There’s a latch to lock the throttle handles together (unlike the one on the Warthog it’s actually usable), and that’s nice for single engine planes.

The thing that sets the Winwing apart for me is the two additional axis on the base, which I use a lot when flying warbirds.

I suspect there isn’t much to choose between the Virpil and Winwing throttles, the Virpil flight stick grips I own have been great, but for something big and heavy like a throttle shipping made a big difference - I’m in Australia and the shipping from Europe (at least last year) was simple robbery!

Edit: having never used a Virpil throttle I can’t speak to the relative quality, but the metal action in the main throttle levers on the Orion 2 is magical after coming from a mainly plastic throttle like the Warthog.


I admit the process of swapping between Hornet and Viper throttle grips is not ideal, but I generally stick with either single or dual engined planes for a couple of weeks before switching so it’s not a big deal.
Viggen, Viper, Harrier, F-86, MiG-21, Mirage 2k for a bit.
Hornet, Tomcat, FC3 planes, A-10C for a bit.

Either one is fine for helos, but you will need to remap the buttons if you decide to fly the Hind with one grip one time and then switch.


I recently got the Winwing Orion2 hotas and it is very nice. For the money it can’t be beat.High quality materials. 399$ plus shipping


I’ve been simming for 20 years now. So ill put in my 2 cents.
Saitek are good sticks and if you have an issue u replace it for less than a night out. Solid value, great first HOTAS. TIP; Get the Pro!
I used TMW for many years and still have too much of that hardware. Its solid (mostly) trouble free. Sure, the inside of the joystick base could be more solid and you WILL benefit greatly from a weaker spring. BUT this is a Solid HOTAS and if looked after can provide YEARS OF FUN.
NOW, on to what i use these days.

  1. Virpil Mogoose T-50 CM base. Metal internals, solid construction that allows custum springs and cams. Pricey yes but probably the last base youll ever need. Allows use of TM grips.
  2. Grips. These TM grips have been super solid and ive never had an issue. I have the A-10/F-16 TM grip. This covers me for most USAF jets. I also have TM F-18 Grip. This covers most Naval aircraft and the F-15C and E. I use this grip for Warbirds too.
  3. WinWing: On to the Throttle now. I had used the TM for years but recently aquired a WinWing Orion2. Then another Orion2… then a WW Ka-50 grip, an F-16 Grip and F-18 set… you get the point. At night my prayers end with “And thank God for my Orion bases” LoL. I cant say enough about this base. At the mo’ im using the '16 throttle grip but swich out to the '18 when i want to go naval. The number of buttons and the fact that they decided everything for me makes it easy to use. I use the 3 way AP switches for the warbirds cooling. Fits the Mustang and Jug like a Glove. They have transformed my flying and particularly my Warbid game. They are worth thier weight in gold. I keep one in '18 mode and one in '16 mode. If i want to fly helos, i change out the F-18 grip and put all the screws is a ziplock. Too easy. If you can only get one grip for these, get the 18. IMO it will provide the most functionality.
    To summarize. I want a WinWing base and grip but, A i dont need one and B, i like my Virpil base and TM grips. Its not broke so i will not fix them.
    And there you have my hardware.

Update! July is my Anniversary with the WinWing throttle base and F-16 Throttle. Ive had zero issues. Waiting on the Eagle Grips to release.


They’ve confirmed they’re working on an Eagle throttle grip or are you just hoping?
The Hornet stick is of course identical so they’ve got that covered already.

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Very cool intro!

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A slight node to the Radio City Rockettes there?

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