Black One Blood Brothers... another tac shooter released on early access vis Steam

Well based on first impressions, but it could have just been me doing it wrong… A lot of great ideas with hardly any working… BUT it has DOGS! And you control them, and they attack!

My 1st look broadcast…
Black One Blood Brother’s 1st Look - YouTube

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Looks nice, BUT another Early Access game… and will not have coop mode :frowning:

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Ya, and after some time with it today… I’m going to step away from it for a few months… too many other EA games out that are much better. Great ideas, great potential…but ways away right now. imo

Worked with it more today… good potential but a long way off…

Mission success broadcast, but to save you time… Drone use 20;20, Dog Attack 28;28 (small clip coming soon of that), and gunfight 29;00.

Black One Blood Brothers Mission Success - YouTube

1st MWD Kill… fun fact: there has only been 1 killing from a MWD or police dog in history. Decades ago one bit a guy in the neck, killing him. They find, alert, bite and hold till the handler can decide to detain or kill.

MWD Attack in Black One Blood Brothers - YouTube

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