Black One Blood Brothers... another tac shooter released on early access vis Steam

Thanks for all the info on BOBB @Magnum … I think I’ll be buying it tonight. How would you rate it compared to Ground Branch?

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To Ground Branch… ouch, to be honest GB is an 8 while BOBB is currently only a 3 or 4 in the early release viewpoint.

But then again GB has been in dev for over 10 years, lol, while BOBB is kinda new.

It’s a great game to learn and watch grow, I’d look at my broadcast if you’re on the fence.



New update, new map, new bullet holes, new suicide bombers, new fixes and updates… some tough sums of bitches here, lol…


Man, that looks cool as f*ck! :slight_smile: You still rating it as a 3 or 4 lol?!

unfortunately, yes… the game AI both friend and foe are ridiculously stupid. More times than I can count my AI teammates run out of ammo or get lost or stuck. 8 out of 10 times I can’t complete a mission because of it.

And in my opinion the graphics and gun play are just a step above the old Delta Force games.

I’d keep waiting. IMO


New update, quick commands and room clearing… AI still sucks thou, but here’s how it’s kinda done, lol…

BOBB New Features - YouTube

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2023 game status… a look at what works and what needs to be addressed in 2023. For new players you’ll learn some new stuff and features, for older players you’ll get updated with the latest version and tools, and most importantly, what needs to be addressed. hint AI.

BOBB Status - YouTube

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Now I know why some people watch their views like hawks on you tube. It’s like a game within a game. lol

I usually get less then 100 views of any of my game videos, but today for the first time ever I broke 1k views with this video.

Don’t know why really… I’m a crappy player and even more crappy at broadcasting/video editing… but oh well. :wink:


glad for you. but is there something to it? or its just that good feeling!? never uploaded anything to yt so dont really know.

No, because I’ve never tried to be some kind of game influencer or whatever… actually think most of them are lame. Especially when you sell yourself as “watch how a vet plays”, but then you don’t really use any real tactics in your game. You play like all the other sport drinking kids. lol

Just cool for me. A personal minor achievement. :wink:

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Nice Magnum
‘Your team AI are idiots.’ lol

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The only thing I dislike about your videos is your compulsive need to delete them after a short period of time. Makes watching them again when I come across an older thread more than just a wee bit of a challenge.

Congrats on the 1000 views. :sunglasses:



New update with a new map, oil rig today… will be interesting to see how the AI handles multi-levels… broadcasting later tonight.

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So, what am I mission? Am I forgetting something? Does anyone who plays know how to get the AI off the platform?

(skip to 5 min mark to see my issue, if interested… thanks.


FIXED… KINDA… in a new patch… will delete this video later today.

agree, and usually same applies to ‘watch real pilot fly’ and in the end the video reviews are shallow with no attention to detail.

in the end one learns nothing more than what is listed in the module features.

back on topic, shall we? :slight_smile:

will give your vid a watch for sure.

dont own this one yet as I prefer online coop games. fiddled little with Ground Branch, then played a bit of Zero Hour with my ‘team’ and now we moved to Escape From Tarkov.

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Some are better than others, but you are generally right. In fact, I think a lot of simmers take the hobby more seriously than those of us who fly in the real world. I know I enjoy simming, and buy a lot of aircraft addons, but at the end of the day I am really nothing more than a casual simmer for the most part.

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Black One Blood Brothers has a new official trailer saying out now… It’s been out in early access, and now the 1,44-version patch which adds a lot of audio fixes, patches, and explosive placements. Will broadcast later on my Twitch channel.

Black One Blood Brothers - Official trailer - YouTube


I’m really liking this game more and more as it develops… still stupid AI, but that seems to be a problem with most SP tac shooters… jmo

Update 1.45: Operative skills, new game mode, new equipment…

The major addition in this update is the integration of operational skills. There are ten skills in total, allowing you to customize each of your operatives and assign them more specific roles for your missions. These skills will qualify your operatives for combat as well as specific actions such as first aid, reconnaissance, electronics, and much more.

The new “Recon” game mode is now available. This mode is reserved for all infiltration enthusiasts specializing in reconnaissance and silent movement. During a mission, your objective will be to place multiple listening devices without neutralizing an enemy or being detected. Only the most skilled players will be able to accomplish these missions.

To increase your chances of success in “Recon” missions, you will have access to new equipment designed specifically for reconnaissance. The “EMP” grenade is capable of destroying all electrical systems, the “Sonar Locator” grenade will mark enemies, the “Decoy Radio” will distract enemies, and the “Electrocution Mine” will silently neutralize any enemy.

New update released. Uploaded my 1st look of the new v1.46 update. 00 is about the game, 15 mins is a single mission showcasing the new weather effects, and finally at 30 mins is the 1st campaign mission. Still in early access and still incomplete but coming along nicely. IMO

On Regular difficultly it was still a little too simple, think next time will increase the difficulty and turn off some of those questionable aids.

Black One Blood Brothers v1 46 1st Look - YouTube

OK, seems I’m the only one interested in this one, and that’s OK… last post on it. My favorite EA game, most played according to Steam facts last year. Maybe because only SP…


New update with new types of missions, new dynamic campaigns and new DLSS 3.5 support.

I did a first look if interested…

BOBB v1.48 1st Look. New dynamic campaign, Blind Ops, New Objectives, new DLSS support. (EA, PC via Steam.) - Twitch