Black One Blood Brothers... another tac shooter released on early access vis Steam

Thanks for all the info on BOBB @Magnum … I think I’ll be buying it tonight. How would you rate it compared to Ground Branch?

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To Ground Branch… ouch, to be honest GB is an 8 while BOBB is currently only a 3 or 4 in the early release viewpoint.

But then again GB has been in dev for over 10 years, lol, while BOBB is kinda new.

It’s a great game to learn and watch grow, I’d look at my broadcast if you’re on the fence.



New update, new map, new bullet holes, new suicide bombers, new fixes and updates… some tough sums of bitches here, lol…


Man, that looks cool as f*ck! :slight_smile: You still rating it as a 3 or 4 lol?!

unfortunately, yes… the game AI both friend and foe are ridiculously stupid. More times than I can count my AI teammates run out of ammo or get lost or stuck. 8 out of 10 times I can’t complete a mission because of it.

And in my opinion the graphics and gun play are just a step above the old Delta Force games.

I’d keep waiting. IMO


New update, quick commands and room clearing… AI still sucks thou, but here’s how it’s kinda done, lol…

BOBB New Features - YouTube

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2023 game status… a look at what works and what needs to be addressed in 2023. For new players you’ll learn some new stuff and features, for older players you’ll get updated with the latest version and tools, and most importantly, what needs to be addressed. hint AI.

BOBB Status - YouTube

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