Black One Blood Brothers... another tac shooter released on early access vis Steam

It’s under 10 bucks right now, I’ll give it a spin.

Oh WOW Only singleplayer! That’s actually impressive. Mostr devs of stuff like this only make Multiplayer to avoid a lot of extra work…

Is Co-op on the works?

No, fully a SP… but they are open to exploring co-op later, but no promises.



It feels like a mix of SOCOM and classic GR. It’s kinda cool!

Reinstalling, Play it maybe 2 years ago loved it but didn’t have enough at the time to keep me interested. Not sure if that was the games fault or mine.

I did like it though.

Another update coming for my favorite early access game in 2 days, 4/3… Check out the incredible features coming along with 2 new maps.

Black One Blood Brothers - 1.49 preview (


Yes, still only a SP game… they have talked about co-op later but who knows.