Black Shark, a module worth revisiting

Hi guys,
So the other day I felt the choppers calling. It’s been a long, long time so I jumped in the Gazzelle. She’s the simplest and easiest to learn. It’s by no means boring. I took a day to learn to fly and the next day did weapons training. I was blowing up tanks in a day and a half. Yay!
On day three I said " I’m ready for the Shark", I wasnt. The Ka-50 is a bit more complicated. A day and night of flying dont get you up to snuff… I was dangerous only to myself. But on to weapons I went. Then I realize that if cant hover, you cant Black Shark. After some YouTube time and manual time I finally managed to move, shoot and navigate. I had given up on the Ka when I realized how you could kill things from so far away. Now I got the itch again and I’m in love.
Will I get BS3? You bet!


I’ve never really stopped using the Ka-50. This might be my current longest drought since I’ve flown it, all the new stuff in the last year means I might not have touched it since 2018 some time, but I never go too long without it. Same with the A-10C.
They’re too good to ignore for long.

Some of those FC3 planes, though, like the A-10A and Su-25, have been a loooong time.

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Teach me!!! LoL Got my first real good seasion today. My flying sucks and I haven’t used unguided rockets yet but… I was dipping in and out of the trees making pop up attacks on a convoy. The AAA bit me a couple of times . It was really so cool. I’m trying to wrap my head around trim. Do you just hold it down while maneuvering? Do you use Auto pilot off? Sometimes I feel like I’m on a stallion. Sometimes I’m on a disobedient beast. So Fun!!!

I always have 3 of the 4 autopilot channels on, hold the trim button down while manoeuvring and release when I’m where i want to be.

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I feel like this should be my squadron patch…

Yes, the autopilot channels, HOVER HOLD, and turn-to-target modes are very useful in the Shark. I love that bird…and can’t wait for the revamp coming down the pipe…!


Lol, That would be the perfect squadron for me too. :rofl:


I need to find a flight sim to play, I just don’t have the time to learn to be a weapons system manager.

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Am I the only one finding that most of the buttons in the cockpit have broken lights? It’s hard to tell when I have things active.

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No, you aren’t the only one. I think those are known issues…been that way since we went to 2.x I think…

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Thank you. I thought I was seeing things. Please fix this soon ED

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seriously, Ka50 is realy easy helo to fly and fight in. Actualy to make it more fun I am not using things like trim, autopilot, hover-hold or turn-to-target at all :slight_smile:

as smithcorp mentioned already you can hold the trim button and find the new center that way and then release the trim button.
Or you can use trim hat to just ’ click-click ’ into the new center position. Imagine it like trim on a fixed wing airplane, you just have to ’ click-click ’ into position where the helo will keep desired attitude.

There is whole series of articles on Black Shark


I think you need to put in a disclaimer about your real-world qualifications when saying things like that :grin:

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I think the reason I gave up on BS2 before was lack of patience. If you never learn to hover and use trim, you will never use the weapons properly.

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For me it was the crappy 2.5 implementation of the pit. I nearly was tactical in the shark before the big 2.5 hit.

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I’ve still got BS1 on my HD (back when it was a separate product from LOCAM/DCS).

Beyond being able to actually select weapons, and use the reticles on the HUD, learn how to use the auto-hover feature. Anti-tank helo weapons aren’t designed to be used in an “attack run” and you will just be asking to get killed if you can’t hover in and out of cover at max range using them. If you enjoy just making strafing runs, than disregard!

Actually, the tactical situation dictates what and how to handle a target, even armored ones. A high-speed strafing run can still be viable if done properly and can be more effective than bob-up. This is especially true if there’s not a lot of places to hide in order to effectively bob-up. In the absence of cover, the last thing you want to do is give somebody a stationary target!