BMS 4.34 teaser

Hi folks, this teaser has just went on air. Not too much on the gfx side but a lot of under the hood changes. Everything is Ai behavior, time has just slowed by a factor 2 for me now so excited. Enjoy


The day they add in VR support I’m learning Falcon again. That looks delicious! Looking forward to that day!


I was hoping for improved graphics and UI in this release but there still looks like a lot of cool stuff in there. Can’t wait to try it out.

“it would not be Falcon if we tried to script what the player sees”

But, but, that whole movie was heavily scripted!

Kidding. Looks good. Until DCS gets a dynamic campaign they are justified using that. Plenty of other areas Falcon does great as far as realism, but I kinda agree on the VR thing.


IFF?! I bet a few fans soiled themselves with that one. When this releases I dread spending half a day re-figuring out how to use TrackIR.

Track-what? I put mine in a box 3 years ago and it hasn’t seen light of day since. :wink:


Didn’t BMS F4 have a rudimentary VR support? :thinking:
Have they stated that they will do proper VR support?
F4 could be the VR fast jet sim, if they did. It shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the frames up, I mean… I think it could be really good.

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I believe there were some ugly hacks with a constellation of 3rd party tools to get it to do sort of VR. But real, natively rendered VR is something they say is in the future for them.

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Yes there are some vr experiments using things like vorpx and some other cinema mode third party tools…there is a thread about that on bms forum

And the manuals…:


IFF! finally!!!

Yes and the AI updates sound very promising.

AI has become much smarter. Wingmen following ATC procedures or under AWACS control, SAM operators
using ambush and ‘blinking’ tactics, realistic BVR tactics used against you and by your wingmen under your
command; you will notice the difference. Respect them more as they will be more aggressive and provide more
of a challenge, particularly at higher AI skill levels, which are also differentiated better than before.


Those old VR hacks just turned the display into a big projection. It was a lot of effort for an experience totally at odds with why most users switch to VR to begin with. People have said that the graphics engine currently being pushed to its max by BMS is a couple of generations too old for VR. I don’t understand any of it.

Lot’s of new features. IFF, ATC, comms to name a few. Here’s a rundown of new comms system:

Formation form ups before take off! Looking forward to it!

The full installer is out now.
I can’t log in to the Benchmark site. Well, actually, I can log in and I can exchange private messages, but I can’t get to the Forums – or, more importantly, I can’t get to the downloads. It says I don’t have permission.

Oh, what to do? what to do?

Yep, just released via Torrent download. I’m downloading now :smile:

Here’s direct link to the torrent download:


O.K. got it now. Thanks.

:slight_smile: Just kidding, it looks great.
If only the setup phase wouldn’t last a fortnite…

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I heard good things about this, but haven’t tried it yet (damn hockey playoffs etc):