BMS 4.34 teaser

The installer’s not too bad, it’s the HOTAS setup that I hate.
But it’s worth the effort.

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The alternative launcher is great, it takes the pain out of setting up controllers and keybinds. I just downloaded the 1.2 version and it doesn’t seem to support 4.34 yet.

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I’m not sure as not used it, but I think the alternative launcher is to help the HOTAS set-up:

The download is here: Releases · chihirobelmo/FalconBMS-Alternative-Launcher · GitHub

Ah, good to know - thanks!

Cool! Thanks FF, I’ll give that a shot when the tool supports the latest version

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I think I figured it out how to get the alternative launcher working. The program looks at the folder name where it’s located to determine which what version of Falcon it’s working with. When I changed the folder name to “Falcon BMS 4.34” (without quotes), it seems to work.

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Interestingly there are 3 new campaigns added. The scenarios depict modern take on potential hostilities in the KTO. The last campaign depicts training excercise which is a cool idea for a campaign in Falcon 4.

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Is there a campaign that accurately reflect the types and numbers of military assets North Korea?
Edit: also you guys are decisively NOT making it easy to resist installing it again.

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Has the HOTAS setup gotten any better for those of us with Warthogs, in terms of losing device ID’s every time? And are folks still using Morphine/ Mud’s aftermarket scripts?

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No, it hasn’t for me anyway. Well, I’m using a Cougar with the TUSBA adapter and an FSSB3.
My key file seems to retain key assignments, but I have to reassign axes EVERY time. The UI resets the control to “Keyboard”. Every single time I start the game.

I used to run my own custom scripts for my Warthog HOTAS and MFDs, but I’ve not done so since Windows 10. W10 loves to flush the USB stack every time is sees a new device connected, so everything gets re-enumerated. That’s a problem for the Warthog script in that it has created a virtual device (Thrustmaster combined) based on the other attached components. When windows re-enumerates everything the TARGET interpreter sees the base devices disconnect and it stops the script.

I used to have a utility which I’m having a hard time finding now that would allow you to set the enumeration order of USB devices. That might help, but I’m not sure; I don’t remember if it lets you assign the order before or after enumeration.

BTW, you can prevent windows from powering off the hub (there is a checkbox in the device settings), but that doesn’t help. I haven’t found a way to prevent it from re-enumerating. It would be nice to have an option to tell windows that you have a critical device and it cannot be reset without permission from the user.


…and now my head hurts, but this all makes complete sense.

According to the forums there appears to be some way to work around it on the hard-coded config side, but I couldn’t get my combined warthog to play nicely with my Saitek pedals when it came to hard-coded axis assignments, and I haven’t even bothered to try and see if the MFD’s will work with any of the above. And nothing I’ve read so far seems to have a complete solution.

OK, back to the bottom of the stack until they fix it, then.


Sadly I had just tried it and discovered this still is a thing.
Well, there’s still time before DCS F16 comes around so…

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Well, I figured out if I bypass the alternate launcher (after setting up m axes) everything is good. Is there a “save” button or check box that I’m supposed to use in the AL for saving the axes?
Strange that all the button assignments work just fine. Anyway, good enough for now…

The process we’ve been using that seems to work (at least until the Alt Launcher is updated for 4.34) is the following:

  1. Install 4.34
  2. Run 4.34 for the first time. Important - boot into instant action or something to actually get in the cockpit.
  3. Install and start-up using the alternate launcher. Be sure to re-name, not delete Hub.exe! Set your keybinds and desired settings. Launch the game.
  4. In the game your keybinds will be fine, but your axes will be completely broken. Re-bind your controller axes in-game. Exit.
  5. Re-name the alt-launcher Hub.exe, swap back to the original Falcon Hub.exe.
  6. Launch the game normally using the standard launcher.

Doing this process your keybinds from the alt launcher should be preserved while your axes won’t be reset every time you launch the game. It’s tedious, but you only need to do it once. 4.34 is worth it :slight_smile:


Yep, it sure is. It took me a while to get to steps 5 and 6, but that’s exactly what I did. :slight_smile:

Now, I’m re-re-re-learning the Falcon! Goes a little faster every time – the memory is there, it’s just a little foggy.


The Viper hype train is about to reach China syndrome levels.


Install was easy. Flight control setup was easy. New ATC is really nice. But I just can not fly without VR anymore. Anyway, even if I never play BMS again, it is nice to know that in this crazy world of ours there are still people dedicated to the perfection of one thing and do so freely.



That’s not your granddad’s Falcon 4.0. Wait, it is.


I had a reasonably productive morning on steam selling those silly trading card things that I don’t really understand but apparently people are willing to pay actual money for. I sat and listed them all and made a grand total of £6.20!! Which surprised and saddened me a little as some parent is most likely going to find lots of odd little 8p and 12p charges on a credit card sometime

However the little bit of cash I made allowed me to finally after 20 odd years buy falcon 4.0. For free!

I fired it up and as expected it’s not brilliant in standard form. So obviously I’m going to install BMS 4.34.

However I really cant find a download link anywhere. Could anyone point me in the right direction as I keep getting re directed to the forums but I still cant actually find the file link. I would be grateful as I’m keen to give this a whirl over the weekend. @damson I’ve watched all your youtube vids on this and its basically your fault this has happened as I was hovering over Air missions: HIND but ended up with this instead with my “winnings” :joy: