Buck Danny. Cartoon hero!


I recently found out that my childhood hero, Buck Danny, had been resurrected.
New stories, in color, from this century…
I just had to have them!

Serious flashbacks! :star_struck:


Good to see they are translated into English as well!
Actually the Buck Danny series never really stopped (and is still going until this day).
Your new albums are actually my childhood memories. Personal opinion of course, but for me the Francis Bergèse-era is the best.
Francis Bergèse also drew some books for a comic book series based on W.E Johns’ Biggles adventures.
A few year ago he retired (because of hand injuries IIRC), but artists like Eric Loutte and Jean-Michel Arroyo keep the aviation comics going!
Unfortunately I doubt that a lot of it is translated for the English speaking market. We in the Netherlands already miss out on a lot of the "Bande dessinée’ goodness from France, but Buck Danny we usually get in Dutch.

Some other Bergèse Buck Danny and Biggles books (also :f14: )

Recently a spin-off series began “Buck Danny Classic”: New adventures but in a older timeframe. First two stories are Korean War era and WW2 Pacific, Cold War Germany (F104) is in the making.

Red squadron Migs versus F-5s in the Nellis range: DCS: Buck Danny mission?


Aaaaawesome!!! :heart_eyes:

The ones I got a hold of are the only ones I found that was translated to English. Perhaps thay haven’t translated all books?

The drawings are really well done. The detail is phenomenal, yet they still look like a cartoon.


Dang…if I could get a full lot of these in English, I know my son would flip out over them…


This is a great page with the history of the series. Unfortunately, it only looks like around 7-9 were translated to English. Of course, might be a good time for Kai to pick up some foreign language skills… :slight_smile:



Hmm I might do fan translations of some, just to build a portfolio :smiley:


I got mine on Amazon.