C-47 Skytrain

Treated myself to the Vskylabs DC-3/C-47… Man what a fantastic add-on!
Anyone else flying this thing?


From time to time I feel I need some multi-piston-engine relax.

I have that freeware C47

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It is probably my choice vintage aircraft for long distance treks… It was my ride from Mildenhall to Melbourne in last year’s McRoberton Air Race trek. :sunglasses:

Must try that one as well.

It [ AWX C47 ] has definitely very nice pit for freeware.

Btw some older news [ from yesterday :wink: ]

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I guess no one wants to do any other aircraft?

I mean, I’m not sure whats going on here but, does market research only seem to indicate that there are 3 or 4 viable, profitable planes that can be modeled?

I am (was?) excited to see the AirFloiLabs version (given that they have cool walk-around features in the 172 and King Air products that they have) but VSkyLabs and LeadingEdge are both solid.

Given that TorqueSim and Nimbus both threw out BN-2 Islanders… is everyone* having a big 'ole direct competition battle royale?

  • And by everyone, I only mean these 5 (so far) :slight_smile:

I guess in the end developers will start complaining that it is not profitable any more to develop for Xplane. That’s the inevitable end result on this dev route imo.

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Why can’t someone make a C-47 for DCS or IL-2 GB?
I want to fly a WWII paradrop mission for the allies, for once…
I guess I can always do a ”Where Eagles dare” scenario. :wink:


This may be a Day-1 purchase for me if AirFoilLab has the same level of detail as their King Air!

This will also fit nicely into an AH2XP hanger :slight_smile:


Ooooph…I love me some Airfoil Labs King Air…but there is already a free Aeroworx DC-3, a very nice VSkyLabs one, and a really nice one by LES (Leading Edge Designs). I just feel like that area is very well covered. I wish they would so something like a DHC-4 or an early CASA 212 or something.

Best of luck to them though…their King Air does set the standard!


Sigh…with so many great aircraft to choose from, they had to go with the C47. Why not the C46 Commando or the DC4? A Connie? There are so many iconic and interesting choices that we don’t already have covered in XP11.

Edit>. Having said the above, I’m pretty sure the Airfoil Labs C47 will be the definitive X-Plane DC3/C47, and I will most likely still be buying it even if I would rather they developed a different aircraft instead.

Or…a C-119!


Mudspike Air Cargo flag ship?

Oh well.

I have several inebriated hours at the controls of one: We found one a few miles from the runway (in AK) that had crashed from too large a load of salmon (the story told, made sense). So being the enterprising type’s we were (bored), we talked the ‘heavy lift’ guys into straightening it out with a bulldozer. So,some tarps; few batteries; duck-tape, and viola! - a clubhouse with atmosphere.


Vskylabs DC-3/C47 is a treat to fly. I just finished a simulation of the KLM DC2 UIVER in its Centenary Air Race from Mildenhall to Melbourne. 11000 miles. Complete report of preparations and route description will follow soonest.2020-09-27T12:31:00Z


Looking forward to reading your AAR! Last year several of us here did the same trip. It’s a long way but there was plenty to see along the route. I also flew the trip in the VSkyLabs DC3 dressed up as Uiver. :sunglasses:

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My report has been uploaded yesterday and placed under McPherson’s Air Race

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