Call of duty... 4 remaster

I know I shouldn’t support Activion and/or the CoD series after what they did to it over the years… but I really want this included re-master… the SP campaign is one of my top 5 games ever played, and that emotional ending, probably a top 3… I SHOULD speak with my dollars, but I want it…

I still remember finishing it, stopping and just sitting there saying “WOW”… as the credits scrolled and this came up.


Got to admit, after the first Call of Duty (World War II) this was my most favourite SP campaign ever…
But buying it again? Urhm. I’m not sure- unless is dirt cheap. Like a tenner.

Might consider it if it was a standalone, but its bundled with the new game. And I have no interest in that game

So for someone like me, who never played the original…I’d guess “remastered” is the way to go then! :smiley:

I sure wish some other old games got remastered with new graphics…

The fact that they want to push it with their new game is pretty indicative that they realize they’ve driven the franchise into the ground. I’m also seeing a lot of cries that the new Battlefield is “defeating” CoD.

The irony is that the new Battlefield is going to place the player into the role of different characters, spanning different fronts; Just what the original CoD did and honestly what I enjoyed the most about it.

So, Activision is seeming pretty desperate for this stunt “Buy our new game and… get the one that everyone loved, but newer and better!”

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@MiG21bisFishbedL my take as well…

So my question or concern is will the new COD have a SP Campaign? I liked the SP Campaign for Advanced Warfare. I thought it played well and told a decent B movie type story.

I can see Activison saying screw the story mode and just include a remastered game with our best ever story mode.

If that were the case then the pricing should be lower IMO.

Oh man… Good memories on this title. The sniper mission, looking forward to see Pripyat again in good graphics!

Like @komemiute I’m gonna wait till I can get this for ten. But Activision really hates reasonable prices. They’re still asking a full 60 for Black ops III, black ops II, Ghost and Advanced Warfare on steam… The rest of their old products are still in the 20-40 range…

Guess I’ll wait a long time

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yes, SP and MP, so I read… but I have no desire for the space next version, just the re-master, just me.

If its like a movie I’ll play through it. Hell I’m playing through advance warfare again just because to me its like a movie.

I dont care for MP. Just not my cup of tea

So, the preview of Infinite Warfare during the Sony conference actually looked cool as hell.

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I have zero expectations for this game, but that gameplay looked pretty fun, and MW1 was easily one of my favorite games of all time. I’ll probably be picking this up come November.

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CoD4 was the last time the multiplayer didn’t suck too. Net code and hit boxes were garbage after that. Some nice memories of clan gaming on CoD4.

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+1. It seems like co-op is an after thought these days. My 12 year old nephew was visiting us for a few days and AW was the only recent title that offered split screen co-op on the PS4. I mean otherwise, why own more than one controller? Anyway, the zombie fest soon got old, so we took turns clearing levels in the Campaign, which is not bad IMO.

Haven’t played COD since MW2.

I’ll likely get this one though. Looks fun.

Which is criminal. I remember having so much fun with friends playing Halo in coop during high school.

I’ll consider it once reviews drop, same with Battlefield 1. That said, It’s still amazing to see gamers panning this one after it demonstrated a pretty cool gameplay demo. It’s not so much the fact that they’re panning it, but rather it took them this long.



Dangit, and I thought I was the young’un on the forum.

I’m just leaving my 20s on the 27th :grin:

lol. I’m barely into the mid 20s. You all are old.

I may almost be 30, but I act like a 14 year old! So HAH!