CAP 2 Updates

Next day patch for Combat Air Patrol 2.

The removed Vignette is much appreciated.

Also, just a heads-up (especially if your Steam auto-updates):

The controls settings file was accidentally included as part of the initial build. This would be an issue as each update would reset your controls to default. It has been removed from build 801. If you want to avoid remapping your controls with this update then take a copy of \steamapps\common\Combat Air Patrol 2\StoragePath\Sim155\CAP2\Controls\Default.ctrl and replace it after updating. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It’s really easy to like these guys! :smile:

Update 802 today - they have a 2 day streak going :slight_smile:

This gameplay video (not mine) shows a good overview of what’s working so far:

Btw - they make it look easy here, but they are just very good. I’ve never landed like that.

V804 is out!


Updates in v805 include:

Rearward roll without brakes fixed

Control and Shift added to keyboard inputs

MFD button positions improved

Cockpit clickable items added (animated switches to follow in a later update)
-Upfront display keypad (functionality to follow)

Cockpit fuel panel info drum digits added
-Fuel burn enabled
-Water injection doubles fuel burn

Cockpit engine panel info drum digits added

MFD display of waypoints

HUD display of waypoints
-WP Heading bug/marker
-WP position display
-WP range and index

New control input, WINC (waypoint increment)

New control input AG Bomb Pickle (functionality enabled in 806)

HUD AoA using alpha symbol (instead of infinity)

Assignment of WPs in mission planner to wingmen
-wingmen will follow route (improved functionality in 806)

Plans for v806

Bug fixes/feature requests

Commands to wingmen will be completed for 806, almost made it in for 805

Mission Planner
-individual aircraft Payloads, Fuel, Water
-Waypoint node altitude, speed
-Waypoint node type

  • transit, patrol, attack, refuel, RTB

Wingmen AI for formation, ground attack. Improved waypoint transit

Assignment of WPs in mission planner to CH46 rotorcraft

MFD navigation chart for Hawaii


Looks like it’s coming along nicely. :thumbsup:

Version V810 due end of June. A nice look at the redo of the land graphics, so looks like using satellite imagery now.

It looks very nice, but it’s not something I played as much as I thought I would. Been in early access for a long time now, so hopefully this next update gives it some more momentum.


I heard they wanted to touch the campaign after that update. It’s been in EA for exactly a year now. It’s a decent sim, and they added some stuff that I really hoped to see (functional TDC, radar azimuth and antenna angle etc) but apart from a few quick missions and the training missions I feel there’s not much to do. Really longing to having the AV-8B do some real dirty work, preferably before RAZBAM’s implementation.

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That looks fantastic. I can’t wait to give it a whirl…

Indeed. I just downloaded the beta again and went for a whirl in it (still the Hawaii area) and am still very impressed by the feel of it all. The new carrier textures are great…and I just really love the look and feel and fluidity of the graphics (even maxed out) and the cockpit. It is a showcase for how awesome VR can look and feel. I ran the refueling mission again and still think that is one of the most immersive feeling sims ever for that. And I really enjoy toying with the VTOL flight model.

But that said - it remains just a flying sim essentially, because there isn’t much to really do in it. It is coming along, but not very quickly. Each time I boot it up in VR I get excited about the possibilities. It doesn’t really need to be DCS level…it just has to be fluid, fun, and have some good gameplay (and multi-player).

One thing…in the current version I see there are settings for Brightness, Contrast, and Gamma…but those only seem to affect the 2D monitor mirror…I don’t see any change in the Rift. I agree that the cockpit is a bit dark…and was hoping that would lighten it up a bit…but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Excited to see what the late June release will look like though…

I’m o


When that pager goes off, he’s just gone! :slight_smile:

I’m going to try CAP2 again, the refuelling sounds good.

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LOL…it was screaming from the pool. Just an ant bite thankfully… :wink:


Oh my simming gods!
I totally loved the Psygnosis years…
I mean probably late '80s and '90s is more of an accurate description.
Those ‘simulations’ had a lot of fun in place of realism.
Makes you wonder why we lost that something in ‘to modern day translation’.
I love all my modern day simulations but there definitely was somwthing in those Microprose debriefings with tini pictures, the flight traced on the map and localised* the menus.

*as in the menu was a location.

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Well, you and @fearlessfrog might as well wait to boot it back up until the late June update is shipped. That is the one that will add the other regions and imagery. Right now…it is still the same as it was…so better to wait for some more eye candy and features.

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Armour Geddon was awesome. I played it on the Atari ST.

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The update seems to be out! Downloading now… 2.7GB

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Hmm…how do I force that update? I didn’t see a way to make it do it…

Have you tried right clicking it, then go to properties, then betas and opting in to the beta version?

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Yeah…I’m already subscribed to that…and tried verifying the files but it doesn’t look like it has downloaded anything new…

Oh…I think I had to select BETA not VRBETA…downloading

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Try hovering your mouse over Library in steam, then go to downloads (bottom option) does it say anything under sheduled downloads?

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