CAP 2 Updates

Got it…but I can’t seem to launch it into VR…

patch v.810.1 supposedly fixed that!

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Quick flight in Wales, UK.

Have to play with the LOD settings more. It seems you can get more ground clutter than in this video.

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This is turning into a good buy for $35. Now if Damson gets his wish (Ed fixing roll inertia - which is supposed to happen next release) then it will be a lot more fun to fly.

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As @Deacon211 mentioned, they need to adjust that roll inertia. Maybe that breaks something else, but it needs to be toned down a bit, IMO.

I still haven’t been able to land the thing yet. Perhaps I’m trying to get on board with too much go juice. Takeoffs sure are fun though.

Some nice terrain lighting now. V810.4 update news below.


Wow…that’s looking really great now. Of course…if the gameplay isn’t there, it will just a be a flight simulator for the time being. But it is definitely making progress…

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This was my favourite ever game


There was a space one, with 3D cockpit and all of that shenanigans…
Some sort of “more-realistic” Ace Combat but in space with the obligatory Sper Giant Space Weapon To Destroy Worlds!

Dammit my memory, what was that?



Releasing a terrain editor in the future? Whoa.

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With James earl Jones doing the voice overs iirc :wink:

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That could totally be!

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Some quick view after latest patch.

and some info from the dev:

Hi All

v810.5 was uploaded this morning followed a few hours later by v810.6 (you wait ages for a bus…)

v810.5 was mostly a bug fix build, notable changes include:

Controls: Control and shift on mapped control keys are now saved.
Controls: OEM keys are labelled correctly.
Controls: Added default mappings for keyboard, gamepad, joystick.
HARM: firing crash fixed.
HARM Mission: mission starts.
Terrain LOD: settings bug fixed. You can select Low, Medium, High, Ultra.
Flight model: fix for a drag calculation.
Time Of Day controls: added to adjust current time and environment lighting.

V810.6 added fixes for fullscreen monitor selection. When in fullscreen mode, changing the selected output monitor is immediate. Also the monitor label has an index added to distinguish between identically named monitors (generic pnp display…)

While working on default controls I realised none of the controller manufacturers seem to use the correct USB usage codes for controller buttons or axes/sliders which have a specific function. There are codes defined for controls such as throttle, chaff, flaps, trim etc. It’d be great if they used them where relevant as auto mapping a controller would be pretty simple. Anyway, I’m adding default settings for common controllers which will be included in coming updates. I’ve also begun work on the axis response curves UI.

The TOD/lighting controls are pretty cool. Give them a try, you’ll probably find yourself constantly tweaking the light levels. Once the updated day/night sky shader is complete you’ll be able to adjust the full 24hr cycle, plus advancing mission time will be added.

The terrain LOD settings fix/update improves the appearance of distant lights popping into view and fixes an issue where extra scenery was being drawn.

Update pace should be pretty good going forward as there are lots of smaller updates (mostly mission related) in the pipeline.



Coming along nicely. Excited about the idea of having British naval vessels to take off and land from. That means multiple nations’ liveries. Perhaps even Italian or Spanish. Pretty cool!


Here’s a current CAP2 build showcasing Liverpool and HMS Queen Elizabeth:


I stopped flying CAP2 because I cannot get my controls configured. I have a TM Warthog with CH Pedals and some other stuff including Saitek. Something is wreaking havoc with the control mapping. So, I’m sticking with DCS Harrier. Admittedly, I love the progress CAP2 is making with each iteration.


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Sorry if I sound daft, but… any help from the official forum?

@komemiute The only official forum I know is the Steam Community. Is there another? The last time I checked I could not find a solution. I intend to get back into the sim, just no idea when.


Today Ed released update 0.812.1. Seems there is now working targeting pod along with some laser guided bombs (there’s no HUD symbology for the delivery though). Don’t know what else was implemented - there weren’t any patch notes posted yet. Anyway, here’s the pod in the works over Khasab Airport:

Looks great…! I recognized Khasab… Hope they continue to make good progress.