Carrier Ops Screenshots and Videos

Post 'em up boys… Please identify sim and mods.

P3DV3 with TackPack, Javier’s Nimitz, and IdiaFoxtEcho F-35C 3.11

MilViz F-4J

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A-6 Intruder…

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I’ll be sure to post some when I get home.


@komemiute I don’t think that there is a good Intruder out there for any sim. Razbam’s A-7 looks pretty nice, but I doubt that it will quench your thirst.

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The A-7 is solid, even if I only have the vaguest of clues what I’m doing in it (documentation is sparse). Razbam also has an A-6 out there somewhere, but it is old…

Like, go check out @BeachAV8R’s AAR’s about SF:Vietnam and I think it’s the same model.

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate.

Its ok, you know?
I know it will come. It will. I know it.

Komemiute abides…

Somewhere off the coast of Oregon:

Uh, any of you guys seen an aircraft carrier around here?

Safely aboard the Kitty Hawk, trying to decide the gentlemanly way to request a crowbar with which I can pry the seat cushion out of my ass.

Somewhere off the coast of Luzon:

Take 2: At least the crew on the Nimitz can find a light switch.


Well done @near_blind. Back in the mid 90s a friend of mine was an IP at NAS Lemoore and got me into the dome for an hour early one morning. If it makes you feel any better, night approaches were much easier in the Navy’s full motion simulator than on a PC. Add weather and yes, it’s cushion biting time regardless.

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The F-14 one was possibly the most difficult thing I’ve managed in any sim so far. It was night, with patchy overcast, and what felt like -5 miles visibility. I’m flying an F-14A circa 1984, so it’s instruments are that funky blend of 1960s and 70s technology that make the early Tomcats so endearing.

Add to that the Aerosoft F-14 model is extremely oversensitive to any sort of turbulence (uncommanded 45 degree banks? yes please!), and finally the Kitty Hawk just refused to turn on any lights, so you’re relying solely upon instruments until about the last 1000 feet of the approach.

If we’re being honest, if that had been a real approach upon landing the LSO probably would have left the platform, sought me out, and then brusquely tossed me over the side with the Air Boss’s knowing approval. I don’t have pictures, but I was well below the glideslope for a while, and I certainly got the wave off at one point.

No offense but once you are on the ship you are fine. Navy pilots are by definition completely scrambled in the head. They have no sense or reason left in any fiber of their feeble mind.

If they had, they would find the nearest airport to land on and have the ship come in. But noooo, let’s not come in at a proper approach angle, give ourselves big fatty legs and a hook and slam the throttle after landing. Oh, and the best thing is that as soon as you are “landed” on the ship you do a big salute and try and pry that piano wire off with your afterburner.

No sir, I frown upon the whole establishment that is carrier aviation! It seems like the brits had the right idea down with the Harrier. You come in slow, and steady. Like a helicopter.

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IL-2 1946 no mods.



The guys manning the rear gun had nerves of steel - RIP.


So kawaii

Somewhere off the Azores:


Tried out the three bag configuration on the super today, and they were not working for me.

(harpoons not included)

Part of it was not being used to the extra drag. Part of it was the weather. But I was consistently fighting powercurve. I don’t know if it is how VRS does their flight model and F404s, if it’s how the hornet is, or if it’s how P3D does it’s weather, but no matter what I did I could not maintain proper approach speed.

If I let off the throttle a small bit, I would be down around 120 knots before you could perceive it. If I moved the throttle foward just a hair, I was suddenly rocketing past 150. This forces you to constantly chase your power setting, which is a painful proposition with the engine response time.

Anyhow here’s a bunch of bad approach pictures.



still nope.

kinda okay

Nope and nope.

Screw this, I’m going to go play xbox.


It’s a mix of all those. FSX and P3D tend to have an inherent input lag and it seems exacerbated in the VRS Bug. Add in how they both model winds and it becomes extremely tough to keep it on-speed. Even with ATC engaged it’ll still wildly swing from full fast to full slow back and forth.

I’ve only ever seen the ATC really chase on speed once and that was with shifting strong winds and even then it was at a far lesser magnitude and frequency than what I’ve experienced in FSX with fairly calm conditions.

Gorgeous shots though, P3D sure does make it look nice :sob:


Got way overpowered in close and had a pretty gnarly fly through down at the ramp for a two wire. Oh well.


They were a little on the well done side but they did survive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everytime it landed the carrier gained 6 knots

However trapping without gear saves on tyre wear.

All of the Hornet talk has me revisiting P3D/TacPack/Superbug/MilViz Phantom. Having trouble with the latest P3D and TacPack builds getting a carrier to spawn. Ship traffic set to 100%. TacPack Manager shows installed carriers and allows me to configure them with ILS/TCN.

Example of imported CVN-76

However, in P3D, the Add-ons → VRS AI → Carrier, the available list only has Acceleration and 3 versions of the Nimitz. Not all of the ones configured in the TacPack Manager. And I don’t see an item to generate the carrier once it is configured. Anyone else see this in P3D? I looked through the TacPack Manager wiki, but the P3D version of this is hardly mentioned.