Carrier Ops Screenshots and Videos

Maybe one of you guys whom has P3D v3.3.5 along with the VRS TacPack could verify these screens.

Create or Change Options: Isn’t there supposed to be a Generate now option, or something similar?

Available carriers. Quite a short list compared to what’s in the TacPack Manger (previous post)

P3D version. VRS TacPack and Superbug version is 1.4.3.

Regardless, the carriers are not generating. Thanks.

There should be a few more rows of options in that window. P3D by default is creating a window that is too small, so they are hidden. Have you tried grabbing the lower edge of the window and dragging it down?


That was it @near_blind. I had posted on the VRS TacPack forums and another user suggested the same thing. Resolved! Now back to some awesome screenshots :slight_smile:


Not exactly Carriers, and more than a little anachronistic. I was feeling a bit rusty in the groove, and decided to practice at a more sedate abode.


I mean that is the sensible way of flying, anyone with a non-clutched brain left would find the nearest port and have the carrier come in to pick up the aircraft! Who in their sane mind would try and smash it into a carrier deck?! :wink:



Got my first MilViz F-4S trap and cat shot today. The first 3 traps were most definitely wave-offs and finally getting the big bird onboard was a challenge. VRef was 142 + 10 kts (2 kts for each thousand ibs over 33,000), and that felt about right. But finding the subtle combination of airspeed, AoA, and touchdown point on a 30 kt boat is challenging to say the least. The Phantom wants to loose altitude way to quickly if you are a little behind on any aspect of the approach. On the other hand, getting off the boat is a piece of cake, which reminds me of what they say about the Phantom. Given enough power, a brick will fly. Need to do about a 100 more of these before my hunkis stop taking bites out of the seat cushion.


According to Paul Gilchrist, The F-8 and F-4 were essentially opposites of each other. The F-8 was a breeze to take off, what with the variable incidence wing, while the F-4 had a habit of nosing up to the point of trying to depart if you let it (think Cobraing at 40 feet…).

The Phantom on the other hand was, once configured, stable as a rock in the approach (to the point the F-14 was considered a downgrade), while the F-8 was an absolute handful.

That said, I’ve never been great with the Phantom. Did they finally Tacpack the S?


Apparently not. I had to edit my post as well, because the Advanced Series only applies to the F-4E. I thought that the FM was not what I remembered a couple of days ago. It’s much more stable with the ADV add-on.

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I just got done writing a review for the magazine on the Simworks Studios F-4B/N…needless to say, there were a lot of waveoffs…



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Wow!! How does that make me feel?

A new Phantom is cause for celebration!!

Looks great! I can’t bring myself to buy anymore FSX-SE products though - given my heartbreaking experiences with FSLabs’ ConcordeX. How was the stability?


That deck angle looks … large? Is that normal?

No. That’s a refit Midway class carrier. The Midways were very large WWII era carriers that had a couple of unique engineering foibles, one of them being a low freeboard (I.e. the hull rode low in the water). When they started angling the decks to allow for fast jet operations, they had to strike a balance of adding enough additional deckspace to allow safe operation of larger aircraft, without adding so much weight that the hanger deck would be at the water line. The angle on the deck is part of the solution.

That said that’s supposed to be CV-43 if I remember correctly, but the deck looks more like CV-41 which had a more extensive, one off refit that was not pursued for the rest of the class.

CV-41 Midway

CV-43 Coral Sea

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I will put it this way. If I didn’t have to use FSX any more…I wouldn’t.

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Razbam Harrier (FSX/P3D) (can’t wait for the DCS one!)


Mumbling mumbling :a6: mumble real mumbling flying not toys mumble

I’ve heard of RazBam from quite a way back but never really flew any of their stuff because I was not into FSX etc. My first experience with a product of theirs was in DCS with the Mirage which I really love. Seeing those Harrier pics from BeachAV8TR I really have to say they do superb work. Can’t wait myself for the DCS Harrier. It is a first day purchase in my book.