Carrier Ops Screenshots and Videos


They do very good work - I have their Metroliner for FSX/P3D, A-6s for Thirdwire/Strike Fighters, and A-6s for FSX/P3D as well as the Harrier and GR.7/9. They obviously have to shoe-horn VTOL into FSX/P3D, and it is a bit stiff feeling compared to what I’ll be we’ll see with DCS…but it is OK. I’m real excited to know that X-Trident is making a Harrier for X-Plane…it will be interesting to see how those flight dynamics work.

  1. That’s hawt
  2. Tell them to make literally any Gen 1 through Gen 5 carrier jet with a flight model approaching plausibility, and I’ll buy it.



Very hasty thrown together video of trap and launch last night in the MilViz F-4S. Lots of things wrong with this pattern and trap. First time in the aircraft = 3 wave-offs and a 1 wire.


Nice trap…ya’ had me worried when you went a bit low far out and lost sight over the nose. That always sucks… Nice finish…and smooth!


That was fun to watch. You did much better than I imagine I would. I used to love carrier ops in the old IL-2 series and DCS when I had Flaming Cliffs and flew the Su-33. I really miss it. Looking forward to the day when DCS has some carrier ops again other than Su-33. The only shock I have regarding you video is the fact you ran several deck crew over…no warning…no allowing them to move out of the way…just plain run them over. Meany. :wink:


Thanks. Yes it would help if I would follow the POH and stow the boards when entering downwind. That is embarrassing. If it doesn’t kill you, hopefully it makes you smarter.


Are you using the non-Java based AI Carriers with P3D v3 @chipwich? I just tried getting it to work with P3D v3 tonight - and it works…but I think the carrier model gives me some slight stutters.


Err…nevermind @chipwich - I just installed TacPack for P3D (renewed my license for a couple years…) and see that I can use that to manage my carriers instead of AICarriers. I guess I can even add in all the custom carriers from Javier’s package to VRS and still have them work. Yay.


Yeah, I just used the TPM to add the Coral Sea from the SimWorks F-4B and hope that this configuration works. I used the Forrestal template because the flight deck looked like it had a similar angle.



Along with the Coral Sea, I’m using Javier’s Nimitz (CVN-68) & Eisenhower (CVN-69), and the Kitty Hawk (CV-63), which I think was added by the VRS TacPack install. I had Javier’s carrier pack installed before the TacPack, so I’m not sure if any of carriers are also included with the VRS Superbug and TP. Anyway, the Nimitz and the Kitty Hawk were already configured in the TPM, so I’m adding the Eisenhower manually. Are any of these Java based? Haven’t seen any such reference.

I had CVN-71 through CVN-76 installed in the TPM, but removed those because they are of such low detail. No idea if I’m going down the right path on any of this, but it all seems to work well. I am not hearing the LSO calls and “Clear the deck” intercom audio that is present in some videos, so maybe I’m missing something. I frequently do.



That Intruder is packing a whole lot of pain.


Too bad it isn’t TacPack compatible… :frowning:


So let’s just call it a whole can of whip ass, from an aesthetic point of view. :grin:


Phantom is as stable as advertised. First landing ended up being a 1 wire (the FLOLS wasn’t working, so it was hard to judge height)

Heading out to the Boat at mach snot.

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Catman!

Can you spot the boat?

Various swipes at the boat. I’ve got an FSUIPC problem with the cat specifically where one throttle will attempt to snap back to idle before moving to desired thrust level. That means I’m constantly dealing with asymmetrical thrust, which is a major thing in the Turkey. The rudder was also doing some funky things, but I don’t know if that was me automatically correcting for the throttle, and FSUIPC thing, or a weather thing.

Anyhow, these all ended up being two wires of varying alignment.

Preparing to go give it another try…

Is it DCS yet?


Two weeks :wink:



That looks still more credible than that Iranian “new” plane…