Chat and Mudspike Discord


We’re all using the client.

And we’re all having this issue, with the master volume down, the voice in Discord is still minimal.

@Rhinosaurus, @adlabs6 @Prof can probably add their own things they tried to get it to work.


I’m inquiring with my Discord expert…20 year old daughter lol. She actually does run a pretty active 350+ server.


adlabs found the solution on a forum!

start discord. then right click on the sound mixer in the lower right (the amp symbol)

There should be a column for Discord. If you’re having problems, it will be way down. Move it up to the same volume as your overall system sound.


Sorry to hear that Discord didn’t get much activity on Mudspike.

As mentioned earlier, it can replace the forum functions and that is what i did at SHQM.

If anyone wants to talk racey-car stuff, our permanent link is here:

When you enter, you’ll have access to a couple of rooms only. But then we check to make sure you don’t have rabies and give you the open door after a few minutes.

Anyhow, stop by if you feel so inclined and/or have sim racing questions.