Chat and Mudspike Discord

Please see here instead:

We do have a Discord server/thing for Mudspike set up here:


Direct Link:

You’ll all welcome to use it, although some at work might have it network blocked.

If there are a few people regularly on it then let us know I can have a fiddle to see if we could embed something here too, to make the chat/discord/teamspeak a bit more obvious of where to go.

At the moment it’s probably best we all just try stuff out and see what works.


Will give it a whirl when I get home.

Or maybe I’ll try it while I’m driv


Dark, @BeachAV8R. Dark.

Discourse Discord seems to be blocked here, pity.

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nah it’s cool, I know a medflight guy… wait, never mind.



We should write something new from both Discourse (the forum software) and Discord (the gaming voip/chat) called Discoursed and complete the confusion. :slight_smile:

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LOL…I’m confused enough…

You wait till I post this image of the widget as a picture and then people click on it…

Hmm, shows me as logged in but something went wrong. Now that username seems to be taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They have a nightmare mix of web and desktop apps, with user accounts being created on the fly even if you just look at it funny. I’ve found the best thing to do is use the ‘secret’ log out feature, and then sign in as the account you already have:

Discord is privately owned, with the largest investor rumored to be Time Warner. We can admin the channel but anything in there is not really yours anymore. Caveat emptor etc.

Is it really better then team speak? Does it do something better or different?

Didn’t we sell our souls to Beach when we signed up here anyway?


well yes, but Beach isn’t trying to jump in bed with Comcast. At least not until his son starts getting ready for college.


Of course you did, and when he takes money from Time Warner then we’ll find out by the sound of his Ferrari driving away I guess. I don’t think he’ll make much off your contributions @sobek, but you never know…

Joking aside though, our terms of service on Mudspike are that member’s contributions here are licensed as Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) - Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. No commercial gain allowed, you own your own content.

Our FAQ and rules are here:

Discord’s terms of service interpretation are left as an exercise to the reader, but if you think @BeachAV8R is paying for this stuff each month to rip you off then you might not like them any better … :slight_smile:

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Ouch. :blush:

Edit: Hey, my soul’s gotta count for something. No wait, you’re right… :yum:

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Tesla. Remember…internet forum elites drive Teslas


It’s a social platform really, like a gaming facebook. The Voip is good, but it doesn’t offer things like mumble as yet (I don’t think).

I think of it like Twitch / Skype / IRC / Slack / Steam / WhatsApp had a big ol Start-up 2.0 money baby. It is handy to see what people are playing and chat though.

The electric motor, the most evil propulsion system ever devised.

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I really like discord - the Slackness, the UI and the voice quality is great!

So, a month later…how is the experiment going? I find myself still going back to TS3, out of habit, but I do have my Discord set up.

I think the “problem” with Discord is that it dissuades or distracts people from an actual website in that it becomes it’s own meeting place/forum with the perpetual chat channels!

I could be wrong though.

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