Chat and Mudspike Discord


I think it’s a good app, nice voip client and handy for pick-up games etc. I don’t think anyone at Mudspike cares that much if people go there instead, as it’s not like we run ads or have sponsorship here - the site is out of @BeachAV8R’s wallet and some donations. :money_mouth:

I do forget to use Discord though, so the the group that is set up is more for people who’d like to use it rather than chat here - it’s all good. The web chat thing we have on the forum here, if it wasn’t for @near_blind, I’d probably just turn off as it’s fragile for software updates we do and has issues working with Firefox etc.


Do I need to go find more hostages?

Chat going away isn’t the end of the world, but I wouldn’t see myself ever moving to discord. I can’t use it at work, and generally speaking if I’m being social and not at work, I’m on the TS server.


I’ve added a bot to our Discord app channel to integrate posts from here to there. It allows people that are into Discord and have it running all the time to see activity on these forums without the trauma of opening a web browser or something.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like in Discord:

The exquisite red arrows point out the new bits of the bot and the topic previews over there.


We’ve had no activity on the Discord group for a while now, so in a swirl of end-of-year tidy-up we’re going to remove it.

The Mudspike Discord group will be removed on Dec 31st 2018.

Feel free to use this topic for invites etc if you want to keep in touch with others in that group.


aww that’s to bad. I honestly liked the forum bot that alerted us when a new topic was made.


So, if we want to engage in MP with voice comms, we need to either set up our own server/channel or join a squad? Nothing wrong with this, I just want to understand the SOP. Thanks.


For people that already have Discord servers, they are welcome to post invite links here if they want people to join. Alternatively people can use PM’s to just invite others privately.


Alles klar Fearless. Understood.


There is always the Mudspike Teamspeak


Due to shutdown 12/31/18.


I thought that only the Discord was being removed





So just to be sure, who is in charge of the discord now? I believe it’s @Fridge? Could you be so kind and activate the explicit content filter on discord please? We’re constantly being asked out on dates :sweat_smile:


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