Chinese Flight Maual on DCS:UH-1H Huey

There are some screenshots of the manual,translate from official version,if you want whole manual,please reply your Email in this topic. this copyright time expired after 2016.


Just be careful. We don;t want any copyrighted works posted.

thanks ,but the copyright has expired after 2016,

That’s not how copyright works.


I think copyright should pay for the time ,if you do not pay after the date,the copyright expire.
all things of copyright have others can develop on it,

I don’t think so, but I may be wrong. I am not a copyright lawyer.

If I remember correctly, the copyright date is in effect for the latest date noted on the document (2016). All that the 2013 tells you is that it was also copyrighted on that date but that there were changed to the manual between 2013 and 2016.

Pretty sure that there is no issue with posting the table of contents, however.

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It is different in various countries, but in most I know it is roughly like this:
Copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death.

You can post parts of the copyrighted stuff if you are doing a review or something like that, but not the whole thing.

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From a quick reading I did the date range implies that the copyright covers all manuals and revisions made between 2013 and 2016. It does not imply the expiry of the copyright.

Using @Aginor 70 year example, it would simply mean that material in the latest edition may expire in 2083 or up to 2086 depending on when it was originally added to the manual.


I don’t fully understand the point of posting it here anyway, aren’t the manuals available freely?


Hi Tech always has short copyright time ,as one year,it is different from usual book.
note:copyright time should be paid to patent office.

That’s not how that works and least in Canada. If you put a copyright notice on it, it is copyrighted starting at that date and no fees or registration need be handled. It make it easier to prove copyright with registration but it is not, strictly, necessary - if a copyright notice can be proven to have been published and a date found, then it is copyright.

Again correct me if I am wrong, but if you want an unfortunate example, take a look at the Oracle/Java/Android copyright case with copyrighted APIs.

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This is my understanding as well. Same way in the 'States.

That aside, sobek is right, these manuals should already be in the game’s base directory, unless this is a translation done by the OP.


Shouldn’t we just act in the name of caution and maybe not post it? Maybe offer a link but posting the screens seems a bit wrong to me.
But I have no idea about these sorts of things but it doesn’t sit right with me anyway

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