Chuck's Amazing DCS Guides


Awesome - Is there nothing this forum software can’t do? :grinning:


Chuck’s the man. I probably would have given up on the Huey without his guide.

I’m going on vacation Thurs-Sun, but would love to try some formation flying in the Hawk the weekend after if anyone is interested.


Aww, thanks for the kind words, fellas!


@Chuck_Owl has released a new one: The DCS L-39ZA Albatros

Also of note, since the links at the top of the post were last updated, the DCS Hawl T.1A has also received an update.

Thanks @Chuck_Owl!


Updated with the Gazelle release:

Great job @Chuck_Owl!


Sweet! I was hopeful that he would build a guide for the Gazelle.


Good! Now go fly that beautiful french bird! :wink:


You’re the man, Chuck.


Noticed a few dates had changed on the DCS Forums page for the @Chuck_Owl guides. Updated the main post to capture the (possibly) new files.

Dates I noticed relate to: SA-342M Gazelle, Mirage 2000C, MiG-15bis, F-86F Sabre and the WWII planes (Bf.109K-4, FW190D-9 and P-51D).


Thanks, Fridge!

Currently working on updating the following:

  1. MiG-15 radio-navigation system
  2. Mirage 2000C INS tutorial, PPA and new PIP control functionalities
  3. Gazelle SA-342L (new guns and rockets)
  4. F-5E Guide
  5. P-40F Guide
  6. TOP SECRET :wink:


Sweet! Do you have good source material for the M 2000C INS, PPA and PIP? @near_blind and @klarsnow ran me through it a couple of days ago and I recorded it.


Please do share!



@Chuck_Owl Chuck, I gotta say I wasn’t familiar with your guides before the M2000 but thanks to your awesome guide I was actually having fun day one with the plane instead of banging my head on my desk. So thank you for all your hard work you put in to these guides!


Mirage guide updated today: 14/07/2016

  1. INS tutorial (alignment, waypoint entry, waypoint navigation)
  2. TACAN & VOR navigation tutorial
  3. Added PPA logic to all weapons (MAGIC II, S530D, bombs, rockets, guns)
  4. Explained missile cooling process
  5. Updated autopilot logic
  6. Corrected some typos
  7. Updated a couple of obsolete images
  8. Corrected start-up procedure (including Pitot Heat)


Hey Chuck,

Or any one here really, do you have a guide for Combined Arms and or Mission creation basics? I am kind of baffled about DCS Ai and the rules that they follow, or don’t for that matter. I would like to set up some retro Tactical Air Command era multiplayer missions out of Nellis. Retro paint schemes, no aircraft/equip newer than 1991 etc.

Also, I have combined arms, but have never used it. I would like to though.

Sincerely, -Woog


I haven’t done one yet… it’s pretty low on my list of priorities at the moment.

Speaking of priorities, I’ll have to update the M2K Close Combat Air modes too; seems like they have changed 2 patches ago and I didn’t even notice.


Cool! Thanks @Chuck_Owl!


Downloading… sweeeeeeeeeet


Updated M2000C guide 27/07/2016.