Chuck's Amazing DCS Guides



Added Gazelle L version

Added F-5E3 Tiger II guide


Top post updated. Thanks @Chuck_Owl !


That Tiger II guide is really nice - thanks for doing these @Chuck_Owl


I thought I would bump this up to the top so that it doesn’t get lost. Are we not going to keep this thread as a sticky?

Thanks for all your hard work Chuck! Your guides are outstanding.


I’d vote for the sticky as well.



Chuck released his Spitfire guide!

(updated the first post)

Nice job, @Chuck_Owl!


Thanks mate. Spittie is a favourite of mine!


Thanks @Chuck_Owl,
You make our hobby so much more enjoyable.


My pleasure.


I’m trying to download and read the Spitfire pdf on my iPad, but it says the file is corrupted. I can read it in the browser, but not if I download it. Have you heard about something similar, and know of a cure :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing it though!

Edit: When I downloaded it on my Mac, and transferred it to the ipad, it worked… Must be a iOS thing.


FYI, it works fine both in browser and app on my Android tablet.


Same here. Works fine.

Chuck, I am curious if you have any recomenations for pitch, roll and yaw curves?

The guide is quite good.


PMJIH, something like 22-25 feels like a good place to stat with the TM Warthog.


Thanks chipwich,

PMJIH?? +22-25 sounds like I will give that a try. Im at +10-15 now.


pardon my jumping in here


@Chuck_Owl has uploaded his Viggen DCS Guide!

Thanks @Chuck_Owl for putting the work into this! It is seriously appreciated!



Not trying to rub it in or anything, but with my new Internet connection I was able to install the Viggen in about 3 seconds and download this guide in under 1 second. Well, actually the install took almost 10 seconds - 3 seconds for me to wake up to the fact that the process was asking permission for the torrent, and a couple more for me to allow that service through the firewall. Yawn.

The preceding paragraph was aimed at Patriots fans :sweat_smile:


Yeah, but @EinsteinEP’s and @BeachAV8R’s connections are even faster. They got it two full weeks before release. :wink:


As a Patriot fan who is used to winning, I am glad at your internet speed winning too! Everyone here in New England knows how good you feel every time you think about it.