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A while ago (actually too long ago, we’ve all been a bit crushed by Christmas stuff) @Chuck_Owl and the rest of the Mudspike gang chatted about how best to highlight Chuck’s new A320 and 737 NG guides. We umm’d and ah’s but finally made a proper home here at Mudspike for this. The guides are excellent and it would be nice to give them a fitting place.

Please check out this initial version (or visit the main site top):

What this does is provides a nice way to access all of Chuck’s existing guides, and a way for it to expand over time as he adds more. It’s a sort of a simple visual menu of guides, plus uses the new Cliffs of Dover individual aircraft guides as well.

Thanks to @BeachAV8R, @Troll, @Fridge (who’s not been well, so hearing me bark orders is probably not good for any illness) and of course @Chuck_Owl for working with us to do this.



Just got home a bit ago…that PDF Preview thingy is pretty darn cool…! Nice job on this @fearlessfrog (he put in a lot of time and thought on this…and the wider community will really benefit from this nice home for Chuck’s Guides).

And thanks to @Chuck_Owl for letting us work with him on this project. I had already commented to the staff members working on it that as I went through the guides once again I was struck by just how awesome they are, how invaluable they are to a new module owner, and how they are an excellent refresher for experienced module users. Just a really great resource…


It does work quite nicely, and allows the contents of the guide to be search indexed, which means people can find stuff within them like they are web pages. These guides will last a long time and this means more people can find Chuck’s work easily.

As it’s not super obvious, you can ‘mouse wheel’ or ‘touch drag’ down in the PDF Preview part of the page and it’ll load the pages as you go. Handy for a quick peek. Obviously the ‘full screen’ icon is handy to toggle on/off here:

If you want the familar ‘Google Drive’ viewer then you can just hit the ‘download’ icon next to the full screen toggle icon.


This is fantastic! Bravo to Chuck and MudSpike.


This is a great way to find and view the guides and a awesome addition to the site! :+1::+1:


Outstanding! Thanks very much! I have bookmarked the page.


I don’t always open a manual. But when I do, I reach for a @Chuck_Owl 's guide first. The most interesting man in flight simulation. Stay educated my friends. :grin:

Well done @fearlessfrog.


Mudspike for president…


Naturally, the Mudspike staff was standing to attention.


Yaay great place for Chucks repository or is that suppository I get confused :smiley:


Q400 guide is now up!

Man… that was a tough one.


Just in-case you don’t read reddit :slight_smile: it looks like @Chuck_Owl has added a new guide!

Still my favorite squeeze in DCS.


And as usual, it is a great resource. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into this @Chuck_Owl. I’m one of those guys that likes a sim with a 600+ page manual, and yet I usually don’t want to read that 600 page manual (if I am going to read a manual like that these days I really should be reading the Global Express AFM). Your guides are perfect in that they tell me what I need to know, in a concise way with lots of illustrations to make things easy to understand.

I’m looking forward to reading Chuck’s Guide to the Global Express someday :wink: .


Yee-ha. Probably my most anticipated Chuck’s Guide yet. Bravo @Chuck_Owl!



I just read through it this morning. As usual, wonderful work @Chuck_Owl, and a great history lesson. The Arrow story and that of the TSR2 several years later have some startling parallels.


Yeah it’s just astounding how many similarities these two projects have in common…


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@fearlessfrog, did you post a link to a reddit post that is a link back to this site?

Is this some sort of web 3.0 oligarchic scheme to distribute click revenue? :thinking:


This is the most meta post ever. We need a badge for that.