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What a funny Fokker :slight_smile:


That’s sweet stuff. We have an outfit similar to MAF here in the Carolinas called JAARS. They got a Kodiak recently and I think they use it over in Papua New Guinea. Neat flying for sure… I’d be more interested in the humanitarian side of it than the Bible stuff, but I guess its a means to an end and all (for the recipients of the aid).

I love me some Fokkers. My next PC Pilot “Challenging Airports” article is going to feature the Fokker 50. Not a great rendition by VirtualCol, but pretty much the only thing available. We still see some Fokkers in use over here in the United States running freight for FedEx feeders, along with the YS11.

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loud giggle


Yeah the only real proper Fokker aircraft for a flightsim was the Project Fokker for FS2k2/4 and FSX. Unfortunately that petered out after releasing a wonder F-28 along the 70/100 models.

There this one for XP though: Fokker F27-600 - Civilian Fixed-Wing Heavy Metal 1946 and later - X-Plane.Org Forum

Digital Aviation did a version too at one point that got promised a VC but never ended up with one unfortunately.

It’s a shame really, they are very interesting aircraft and had some innovative features for their time.

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Props to @Aeromechanical for finding it, but damn son; Georgia pretty.


Wow, those are incredible shots!

How did the nose wheel get over that ditch?

Nasty crash…

Didn’t stand a chance - investigation is still ongoing, but what happened here is a mystery.

“The first thing I noticed was that the plane had no landing gear on, its wheels weren’t down,” he said.

"It was coming in way too fast and then the bottom of it did a sort of belly flop on the runway. It caught fire and then it bounced back up into the air and when it hit the ground again it burst into flames.

“It was like a massive fireball and there was black smoke everywhere. We could feel the heat from where we were standing. There were bits of plane all over the runway.”

Ouch, what a nasty way to go. Sounds like there was some technical malfunction.

Not sure if this belongs here, but today whilst out walking the dog, I saw my first ever OV-10 Bronco flying. Was deep green with large orange flashes on the boom uprights.

Never seen one in the air before. Probably from one of the many collections in the area - or maybe something to do with the new airshow replacing Waddington’s annual event. I don’t know when that is, but at £39 entry I won’t be going :frowning:

Edit: Found it:


Hmm…shame it will be below minimums with that 1/4 mile call…I mean, the 20 knot crosswind limitation on the King Air is only a recommendation, not a limitation…

091730Z 0918/1018 03025G35KT P6SM -RA FEW015 SCT025 OVC045
TEMPO 0918/0921 03030G55KT 3SM SQ BKN010 BKN020 OVC050
FM092100 05032G50KT 3SM RA SCT012 OVC025
TEMPO 0921/0924 05040G60KT 1SM SQ BKN010 OVC020
FM100000 03040G60KT 2SM +RA BKN012 OVC020
FM100600 02056G70KT 1SM +RA BKN010 OVC015
FM100900 04075G95KT 1SM +RA BKN005 BKN010 OVC015
FM101200 36090G120KT 1/4SM +RA BKN002 BKN008 OVC010
FM101500 27075G100KT 1/4SM +RA BKN002 BKN008 OVC010

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There’s noting you can’t accomplish with speed… :wink:
Seriously though, looking at the pics in the article, the nosewheel didn’t like the excursion either.

Oh god, poor strut… that will leave a mark on that aircraft…

Think it’s a write off?

So this happened today on an approach in Plainville CT. Pilot was miraculously ok. Big tree for the assist!


Mudspike Air Cargo material. Short field landing training - check.


That’s exactly where he intended to park it. Mad skilz ;).

10/10 on execution