Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


I forgot if I posted it here before or not, but the Dutch King, Willem Alexander actually flies as a pilot with KLM(Royal Dutch Airlines).


it looks like so much fun


Talk about cockpit gradients…

PF "Flaps Zero"
PM "speed checked, Flaps zero"
PF “That’s Flaps zero., your Highness !”


Haha yeah just imagine, although he’s been insistent on being referred to on first name basis. I can imagine some rules have been setup to avoid that situation.


You got me the fish catering instead of the beef…??! Off with your head!


Bruce Dickinson just being Bruce Dickinson …

I know you don’t have to be a genius to get your commercial pilot’s license but I think it helps in Bruce’s case because he has many other “hobbies”. Can’t wait for his autobiography.


Certainly an accomplished man !


The man is an accomplished train spotter/nerd, he’s a bit like a spirit animal I suppose… :wink:


Man, this looks like a relaxing and fun afternoon … guy grabs some Mickey D’s with his Paramotor …

I wonder what kind of licence you need for one of these things if any?


That is awesome. Love it…his precision control of that thing as he’s slaloming through the hay bales is amazing. And who doesn’t love a McDonald’s burger???


Not long ago the Fokker 100 aircraft was phased out. Now it’ll only be a month or two more of the Fokker 70 before the Dutch sky is pretty devoid of Fokkers for the first time in a century.


Yeah, Paramotors are the rage these days. Been tempted, but should probably add that money to the Kitfox account.


Not to worry - there’s plenty of daft fokkers in the skies over here :wink:


Yeah, the axis (moment?) of thrust is a long way from the lifting surface. But since I’ve got 450 + skydives and a PPL, don’t think that it would be too hard to pickup. It’s probably just a distraction from buying a taildragger though, which is what I really want in order to get the kids into flying.


30 is a good age for a carrier change, right?


Dutch skies devoid of Fokkers.
No more Fokkers around?
Those Fokkers are gone now.
Are you going to miss those Fokkers?
Poor Fokkers…

I could go on all day… :smile:
Anyway… back to your regular schedule.


What a funny Fokker :slight_smile:


That’s sweet stuff. We have an outfit similar to MAF here in the Carolinas called JAARS. They got a Kodiak recently and I think they use it over in Papua New Guinea. Neat flying for sure… I’d be more interested in the humanitarian side of it than the Bible stuff, but I guess its a means to an end and all (for the recipients of the aid).


I love me some Fokkers. My next PC Pilot “Challenging Airports” article is going to feature the Fokker 50. Not a great rendition by VirtualCol, but pretty much the only thing available. We still see some Fokkers in use over here in the United States running freight for FedEx feeders, along with the YS11.


loud giggle