Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Very cool to see the amount of technology used in the spraying operation. GPS has changed much of what we do. I wonder if the steering queue indicator was slaved to the GPS?


Speaking of safety, I found this vid fascinating …


So clean, and light… I have MX envy right now…


Oh dear…

Please, my dear pilot and ground crew friends, stay safe out there!
Especially near doors…


That accident appears to be different from the King Air one a few years back. In that one, a mechanic was opening a B200 door from the outside, and unbeknownst to him, the aircraft squat switch had failed to open the outflow valve upon landing, resulting in a slight pressurization. As soon as the latches cleared the door frame, the door flew down with extreme force, struck the mechanic on the head, and killed him. Opening a door on a running aircraft should be done with extreme caution…even one that isn’t running and just landed could (potentially) still be pressurized.

The G150 accident…if the plane was just being approached for a new flight, the assumption would be that it was unpressurized…but if a mechanical failure resulted in a snubber not working or a motor went berserk (I don’t know how a G150 door opens), I guess anything is possible. The article (or translation of) is really poorly written though.

“The plane which can seat 20 passengers was empty when the captain, the second pilot and a flight attendant boarded the aircraft for pre-flight checks. At that moment, the door detached from the fuselage and hit the pilot. It came off with such force that the man died on the spot, while parts of the door were then found some 10 metres away from the aircraft, investigators say.”

I mean, how could they have boarded the aircraft without having already opened the door? And the photo doesn’t look like the door detached from the fuselage. I dunno. Lot of missing details in that blurb.


A very cool approach … LITERALLY! :slight_smile:




No passengers or crew were hurt in the incident, which may have been caused by a bird strike, reports say.

Was it a rejected takeoff? If a bird went into an engine before V1, they should have had room to stop, if they elected to abort the takeoff after V1…well…

Hmm…this site says it was just landing…


Not being an airline pilot I can only surmise but if the left engine had a birdstrike enough to stop any thrust surely at that distance down the runway it would be in reverse thrust or time to reduce thrust on the right engine?


A few possibilities I suppose. The right engine operating with lots of power and not in reverse would make you go left like that. The left engine operating in reverse at lots of power with a dead right engine perhaps. But you’d have to leave those inputs in to end up in a situation like that. I guess if a bird hit the right engine and somehow caused it to go max thrust through some destruction…that’s always possible…


Well whatever happened, being up the pointy end and having that view + the circumstances that lead to it…
I am sure a bit of poo popped out.


yep… I would lay money on there being a lot of “white knuckles” going on in there when that front wheel dropped over the edge


Definitely spilled the coffee.


Yeah… Straight in approaches are really cool…for some. :wink:



My first instinct would be to look into a stuck thrust reverse. They obviously didn’t skid off at a high speed, so when they wanted to disengage the thrust reverse the plane suddenly veered to the left. If you aren’t on the ball at that point then this is a nasty outcome.

And a bird going through the right probably wouldn’t cause a power run away, either it damages the N1 fan blades or it causes havoc in the compression and combustion/turbine section. It would make parts fly out the back yes but not cause extra power output on these engines.


I’d be worried about mountain biking on this let alone landing on it… :wink:


That stall horn at tree top level is extremely anxiety inducing.


The crocodile is a nice feature… no thanks.


How @smokinhole flies a VFR pattern…