Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


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Good to hear! It stresses out the aircraft more but I suppose it’s all calculated for in accounting these days.

Why do you think the ref is lower then a 900NG versus a max9? I am not quite following that to be honest!


Just to make sure are comparing apple to apples, there are two flavors of -900: the -900 and the -900ER. (Same holds true for the -800). The -ERs started coming out in the mid 2000s. Boeing made some very minir aerodynamic changes, flaps mainly, that lowered the ref speeds for a given weight by around 7 knots. That’s the ER. What I am saying is that the Max9 will be lower than the older, non -ER, NGs. They are telling us that the Max9 will be no faster than the -900ER despite the heavier gross weights. We won’t know for sure for another couple of months when Boeing certifies the jet.


Hmm, the MAX is getting the LEAP engine right instead of the CFM-7B? Makes sense, that one is stretched to max performance now, although it really needs a new landing gear so a proper engine can be stuck underneath but that’s me :wink:

What I keep wondering though… Why not a 757? The 737 now has stretched to become a 757 with a higher landing speed and lower MTOW. I understand the 757 has been cancelled long ago but it feels to me like a new design is needed. I love the 737 frame though, but as you can see I am torn between what’s happening, even though it means money and job security for me :smile:


EMAS save at Burke Lakefront last night. That place is no joke and it looks like the runway conditions might have been pretty ugly…


They’ve raised the nose strut to help with the bigger motor and round nacelle. I don’t think anyone was happy when Boeing destoyed the tooling for the 757, the world’s most efficient single-aisle airplane at the time. Boeing has figured, correctly, that air travelers have about as much discernment as Carl in Caddyshack so why build a Lexus when the world wants a Yugo.



My favorite part of that comic is the dog.


The perfect flight crew…


You are correct in that regard, as unfortunate as it may sound!


Only a few years ago that would have either been an abrupt halt on some big rocks or a VERY cold swim for the boss!


Not sure this is quite the right thread for this as there is a significant amount of military in it, but it’s quite an enjoyable watch.

I would like to nominate the SAR crew for an honorary Mudspike award for the gutsy rescue at around 50:00. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for them to call it too dangerous and refuse. Well done chaps :clap::+1::sunglasses:


Unfortunately a Russian passenger plane has crashed


LN-TOS, a PA-28 belonging to the Flying Club here in Tromsø, went into the sea after departure from ENSH, Svolvær/Helle, last night. Pilot and passenger killed. :disappointed_relieved:


A lot of sad news today unfortunately :frowning:


Yeah…rough day in aviation yesterday…


Being a uk pilot, i agree with the video that our airspace is very congested. Another good point raised early on is that uk has some of the busiest and convoluted airspaces in the world. The key there is the airspace.
The uk seems very attached to not introducing change and keeping ridiculous procedures.

I just don’t understand why (especially with the way the uk seems intent on killing GA), that the government doesn’t just redesign the entire uk airspace and make it simple(er) with up to date technology that has been accepted in other countries for years.

Our aispace is designed around commercial activity, and that airspace does not take into consideration the level of performance todays industry has as a standard and current PROVEN technologies.


Feels the same here in Germany.