Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Not sure but they appear to have a rather high accident rate if you do a cursory google search. Higher then relatable homebuild aircraft.


The sub-sonex looks neat. I know nothing about it. My friend Michael had two Sonex designs—both which he built. I watched him put the first, a waiex, on its nose. Fortunately It didn’t quite make it all the way over. His current, a One-x, has been nothing but trouble. That VW deviative that serves as an engine has had continuous fuel- and oil-delivery issues. Plus overheating. After a year it looks like he has the engine sorted. It has a non-castering tailwheel and no differential braking. I watched him leave the runway on a botched aborted takeoff. Fortunately he swerved between the lights. No damage but it looked ugly. They are brilliantly simple but obviously cheap. Compare it to the much harder to build, and more expensive RV. The RV is uber-designed in ever respect. It is fast, strong, aerobatic and a terrific short-field performer. 10000 of them are flying. Well 10000 have been built. The two values are different. The only fault with the airplane is that many of its fans fancy themselves formation pilots. So they run into one another on occasion.


Wow! 76,100 Feet. And I was proud of my 17600ish feet…


Justifiably so. You probably weren’t towed to 12000 feet!

Very cool indeed. They will eventually get to FL1000 but are taking progress methodically.


Found this little gem from the hurricane hunter video posted earlier today.



Interesting article. I didn’t realise this was such a problem.


It’s not really a problem yet, it used to be a much larger problem some decades ago when even the official US supply chain, used for airforce one for example had bogus parts in stock.

Very interesting read. This is mostly a “Hey everyone, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again”.

Unfortunately due to the structure of limited production runs with sub contractors makes getting spares difficult. Where once a manufacturer did everything in house they now outsource these jobs. And perhaps for the initial run they get 3 bids, for a run a few years later they might get none.


A former colleague of mine, now retired, was supposed to fly that Partnair flight… I don’t remember why he didn’t. Maybe he got sick.
There’s a really great display of parts of the wreck, at the Aviation museum in Bodø. The display has mood light and somber music, which makes for a really eerie experience. A video shows the details and the bogus parts story.


Cool footage of a CS300 (I refuse to call it an A220 darnit…):


Cool perspective here…


Some cool video on how they do air-to-air video shoots for UPS commercials… I dunno about that name “Brown Tales” though. Sounds more like a fraternity club that all got sick on a trip to Cancun or something…


You and me both.

I had the privilege to work on the C-Series simulator for Baltic. Incredible plane.


I have to say, I lost a lot of respect for Boeing over the C-Series.


Wing-walker…you had one job…!


Different type of wing walker came to mind.



I lost that respect years ago over the KC-767 “lease” program. They are just slightly less nasty than Valaent Pharma (Don’t bother looking that one up. They were pretty bad.)


To commemorate the new DisneyWorld EPCOT lands of UK & France (1982), they organized dual Concorde landings at MCO. Now that’s a publicity stunt…


I kinda like the name A220… Cool jet anyway!


That looks very cool.