Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Nothing like a reply to a year old post, but just watched the Stevo takes a ride with Sean D Tucker in the Extra. Great fun and very much reminds me of an similar aerobatic lesson that I took in a Citabria out of Ft. Lauderdale Executive with a Viper pilot.


I was just going over the Linebacker archive of photos and I must say I have to revisit this as my favorite cockpit photo …

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Completely safe for work as it’s a piece of ART! I’ve seen similar renaissance paintings of the female anatomy. Look at that bone and muscle structure!


Trust me— I am.


I caught my colleagues touch down at Vadsø, ENVD, just after midnight…


Flew past the North Cape today…


That looks gorgeous, hostile, and barren all at the same time!


That’s exactly the description of an ex-girlfriend of mine! :open_mouth:


The North Cape is probably the most boring part of Norway.
If it didn’t have the special importance of being the northernmost part of Europe nobody would ever go there. :smiley:


Well, yes and no. The cape is of course the reason tourists go there, in the first place. But the locals have become increasingly better at taking care of the tourists and are now offering a lot of experiences ranging from RHIB tours, deep sea fishing, crab fishing, helicopter tours, cycling safaris…
There are a lot of reeeally big ships arriving, each summer. The influx of tourists and their money, have attracted a lot of competent service industry experts, from all over the world. There’s a french bakery there now. :heart_eyes:


If there’s a road there’s bound to be a french baker thinking it would be a great place to be! :wink:


Crashes JU-52 in swiss mountains. Not much info so far, press conference scheduled in a few hours.


Just a public service reminder to all of you line pilots out there to check and double check the flux capacitors on your aircraft during the preflight… And I’m dreading the coming flux capacitor emergency AD. This is gonna get expensive for us boys!


:joy: That is awesome. You can just imagine someone saying that off-hand as a joke to that reporter.


I must say that “Sum Ting Wong/Wee Tu Lo/Wat De Fuk” will remain the all-time greatest news punk. But that was pretty good!


The South African Flying Lions aerobatic team…

WoW, I have never seen this done before… madness HIGH RISK madness… but exciting.

They know their plane every feel and touch! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe there’s already an EASA Directive for that!


Brexit will fix that. And the CAA will be once again be happy to continue to employ the dark figure whose bony hands hold the scythe whose tip sits longingly on the jugular of GA.


Out of the five I want the diamond dart that would be cool for some weekend fun and demo’s, a dream of course.

The more affordable options would be


Don’t get the one on the bottom! I’ve seen enough Sonex accidents to know I wouldn’t give a nickel for one.


What’s wrong with them?
I have been looking leisurely at their jet…