Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Very interesting aircraft and honestly a shame that it never became a succes.


Pratt and Whitney in the news again, and once more the bad kind of news too:

I am not familiar with this engine but it looks like we are seeing the last stage LPT(Low Power Turbine) or the PW equivalent. It’s the final rotor/stator combo that will extract energy from the air before releasing it into the exhaust section. You can see a temperature probe on the left side.

Now then, a closer look will bring some some evident destruction on the blades of this final stage. And unless something hard and big has propagated all the way from the front to the back, then the most plausible conclusion is a significant failure of one of the earlier stages with one or more blades failing to stay seated in their disks…

Not a good thing at all.


The Airbus A220 (AKA Bombardier C Series) is a brand new airplane, so that would have been a low hours engine. Not good at all.


Indeed, it’s from the same family as the much troubled A320Neos PW engines and probably shares most of it’s tech with that.

I really wonder what the ability of PW is to survive all of these problems.