Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Very interesting aircraft and honestly a shame that it never became a succes.


Pratt and Whitney in the news again, and once more the bad kind of news too:

I am not familiar with this engine but it looks like we are seeing the last stage LPT(Low Power Turbine) or the PW equivalent. It’s the final rotor/stator combo that will extract energy from the air before releasing it into the exhaust section. You can see a temperature probe on the left side.

Now then, a closer look will bring some some evident destruction on the blades of this final stage. And unless something hard and big has propagated all the way from the front to the back, then the most plausible conclusion is a significant failure of one of the earlier stages with one or more blades failing to stay seated in their disks…

Not a good thing at all.


The Airbus A220 (AKA Bombardier C Series) is a brand new airplane, so that would have been a low hours engine. Not good at all.


Indeed, it’s from the same family as the much troubled A320Neos PW engines and probably shares most of it’s tech with that.

I really wonder what the ability of PW is to survive all of these problems.



Late to the party but that Mercur from certain angles looks as much like an A320 is does a 737. I’d put down money that the engineer who designed the vertical stab did the same for Airbus and the A300 a decade later.


This makes my head hurt…


Im trying to visualise the moment where, just after someone said ‘why not build a 2 fuselage twin prop for displays’, someone else then upped the ante with ‘yeah, and lets strap a JET underneath it, too.’ I imagine there must have been a lot of empty pint glasses on the table.


We’re gonna need a bigger napkin to sketch this out…


I have only one question:


That’s the question I image a lot of people asked. The designer/builder must have answered: Why not! And a lot of people looked at the designer/builder with a befuddled expression, turned and walked away from the insanity :slight_smile:


Crazy thing is…I think the plane has a greater than 1:1 thrust ratio…


EAA’s Sport Aviation had an article about it. It’s quite cool actually. As to why?


You guys do realize that this is the most lucrative spectator entertainment genre on Earth that doesn’t involve a ball, right?


So Airbus has dropped the monster A380? That’s a huge loss for Airbus (pun intended). It is an engineering marvel but it couldn’t find a market.


Yeah, the writing has been on the wall for a while now. I’m slightly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


Ion propelled plane or if you will… The powered plane with no moving parts. Wow!


Or, more likely they’ve used the same NACA profile :wink:

But yes, you might be right that they are closely related. I personally lave the 707 stab.


Another fun bit of flying with these guys. It’s gotta suck to have a mechanical issue in some of those backcountry sites though! That gyro stabilized camera the guy has in the Kit Fox is sweet…


Is that a pulse engine?


I don’t know…