Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Obviously I was referring to the shape of the stabilizer, not the airfoil. Nothing in the photos gives any hint to the airfoil profile view which, on a vertical stab, should be symmetrical anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

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Aha good point! You’ve got me there!


I don’t think so. The tube at the back does look a bit like the ones on the WW2 V1 bombs, but the sound of the jet is very even. The sound of the V1 pulse jets were quite distinctive. I presume the point of the tube is to prevent the jet wash from disturbing the air over the rear control surfaces.



Yes they were.



This is how I expect @smokinhole to arrive at our next Mudspike Fly-In…!


Oh man that kicks epic amounts of posterior!

What do you do for a living bob? I fly a motherlovin fireball that shoots lasers baby!


Uhhh Wow? Dr. Evil would approve.

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Well, that’s certainly spectacular! Hard to imagine it passing the risk assessment here in Blighty, though. :exploding_head:

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Bet he wore a 'chute that night!


A non-flammable one!

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You better hope the maintenance people did their job because there is no place here for an emergency landing. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what is “never before seen” about it. I was a front seat passenger for that same arrival in similar conditions. The Captain was a young and quite pretty Nepalese girl. She nailed it just like the landing in the video.


Video title aside, that is an amazing approach. From about the 8min mark onwards is amazing.


Hum…all of a sudden the video is now unavailable. What the hell? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: What did you guys do? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yesterday I made the mistake of reading the video comments (protip: never do that) and it looks like the uploader was being trolled pretty hard (you are such a lucky pilot, so near to crashing! etc) so maybe they just pulled it. People are weird.


That’s a shame. That was a pretty and amazing video. Both the flying skills and just the view of the environment they were flying in. I was admiring all the little houses I saw on the mountain sides thinking “Wow, what a view to wake up to and go to bed with every day!”


XKCD says:

And this one, too:


So ahh… I found this rather informative video on how to start the engines on a B737…


She’s… Very informative. I could watch her for hours!


“Somebody shoot me.” (My thoughts after about 5 minutes. )