Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


That is some gorgeous footage. But, a aircraft cheekily using trust reversers to move about a bit is not exactly a WTF moment. Especially with modern FADEC engines I wouldn’t worry too much.


I agree…but I sure wouldn’t want that call into the Chief Pilot’s office if FOD damage was found on the next leg…


Fair point, but if there would be FOD lying about there the blame would definitely be partially shifted to the airport management. There’s a certain expectation of a FOD free environment.

Especially if an aircraft would be using TO power around that point, that’s when the damage most likely occurs inside the engine(all the components are at max stress level, FOD impact can badly stress them).


I’m torn…it could also go in the Russian thread…but there aren’t bombs on it…so…


Mmm…delicious crosswinds…


That looks fun to fly!


The back end of that q400 does not like big cross-winds. So brutal to control.


I’m just amazed at the engineering and continual maintenance that keeps airplanes fit to fly. That video just demonstrates the extreme forces that aircraft undergo (maybe not routinely THAT much…but still) and all of it continues to work together. I mean, you can see those structures flexing and bouncing and vibrating…and they do that for tens of thousands of cycles. And the tires…amazing technology.


As per Beeb today:


At least there is still rubber on the tyres.


I like the look of that little amphibian. It’s a he’ll of a lot prettier than the A5 🖒


Heard about it the other day and guffawed. Looked it up, it is true, apparently…

Viva Colombia wants to introduce standing passengers.

It is not without precedent, according to another report in spanish. RyanAir also considered it.

Let me see. Nope, it is not the first day of April…


Heck…I think we need civil aviation hard points and we can hang em’ from the wings too! Sort of like in ARMA 3… Sure would make unloading faster!


I’d be worried about the jettison button…


I’m game.

James Habermehl uploaded this image to


An AGM-122! LOL!


Well. Played.


I understand the physics behind it (basically, at that speed, the water is acting practically like pavement)…but it still always makes me squirm…


Me too. Looks cool, but I have to ask the question, why take the risk?
I should add that I am a somewhat boring pilot. I get more than enough excitement out of a challenging approach to minimums, or from a strong and gusty crosswind landing.


fashion over function