Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Saves MX some cleaning time? :wink:


Yeah… And I wouldn’t do that on pavement either. Unless it had a purpose, like taking off or landing.

You, me and even Chris are paid to seek the lowest risk solution to every problem we encounter. Our passengers want to survive.
I say “even Chris” not because it’s surprising that someone actually pays him to fly, :wink: but because he hauls really sick people sometimes, and that this fact can cause an extra dimension to the search for the least risk solution.


Absolutely. There is a definite self imposed pressure to get where you need to go if someone’s life is on the line. Of course, everyone ont he airplane has their life on the line whenever you advance the throttles and take to the air. My worst nightmare scenario started to form one night when I was flying an organ procurement team. Our team was harvesting a heart for transplant and the weather was deteriorating rapidly at Pittsburgh where the recipient patient was prepped waiting. Because of the short shelf life of a heart once it is removed from the donor, the Go/No Go decision had to be made just before they removed the heart from the deceased patient. To say that we were motivated to get them where they needed to go was an understatement. We managed to get there safely though. I did that kind of flying for about 5 years before circumstances forced me to move on to other opportunities (I was laid off when the recession hit in 2009). Sometimes I miss that kind of flying, although I do enjoy what I do now as well.


On the subject of waterskiing, I’ve been hot for a Kitfox lately, one already built with a Lycoming and tundra wheels to be specific. I would like nothing more to build it, but just won’t have the time unfortunately.

Jump to 1:40 for some bush river surfing.


Yeah, I knew two guys who used to do that for fun. On the Guayas River.

They are both dead, now.

Yes. In light aircraft accidents.

No. Not doing this, precisely.

But the attitude got them there, one way or another.

RIP, my friends.


I see the inevitable has finally happened at St Maarten:


So at age 57, she wanted to “fence hang”…

Its a sad occurrence for sure. However at what age does sensibility kick in?


I’d say late 20s…because when I was there I was more interested in watching the planes from the bar…wow…check out those sneakers and socks…!


I have watched the airplanes from the beach at St Maarten but the people holding onto the fence behind a heavy jet spooling up for takeoff always struck me as being less than smart. I saw a few of them being blown down the beach towards the sea when I was there.


Yeah…we saw fence sitters when we were there. I was less concerned with them getting blown off than getting an eye injury due to the debris coming back…but, well…there ya’ go…


Time for a mobile blast-shield, much like being used on aircraft carriers :wink:


Not sure this would help - you can almost guarantee that some idiot will think it’s a great idea to sneak over the fence and ride the blast shield after a few martinis, with consequently bad results :face_with_head_bandage:


T’was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s a complexity your average airport certainly doesnt need at all!


Saw this happen about ten thousand times while I was instructing at North Myrtle Beach airport…


That reminds me of something I saw in a film at the weekend (Operation Chromite) - about South Koreans infiltrating N Korea to get the plans for the minefields at Incheon. The chart got destroyed so they kidnapped the guy who knew and got him lifted away in similar fashion, using a DC-3.

Not quite Green Berets style, but just as much fun, I’ll bet!

Removed the RIAT vid - it isn’t civvy :pensive:


Good ol’ Bruce Dickinson took a ride on the Canadian Warplane Museum’s prized Lancaster Bomber “Vera” last Saturday …

… just hours before Iron Maiden’s sold out show in Toronto. Apparently he flew a friend’s C172 back to Toronto Island Airport from Hamilton just before the show.


looks like fun


I am still amazed Bruce Dickinson holds a class 1 medical, his hearing must surely have had a tad more “abuse” than most over the years


Outside of combat flying…this has got to be some of the most exciting flying out there…


His autobiography coming in October might hold some answers for you.

“What Does This Button Do?”. :grin: Classic.