Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Soooo… This happened in flight:

Looks like the fan disk sheared off its bolts and took off, taking the whole fan with it, with a large part of the forward fan case as well, abradable liners, acoustical liners and the kevlar shield surrounding the fan disk.

Rather problematic really, never seen this before. Although A380 engines have a habit of showing us the most interesting ways of self destruction these days(Both Engine Alliance and RR).


Bloody Hell!
Glad I wasn’t a passenger there.

That said, in their honour, I watched Denzel Washington’s “Flight” lsst night- while playing a bit of Elite.


I guess that won’t buff out?


Lol, don’t get me started on that movie.


Nah man it’ll buff out easy peasy. We do it all the time in the engine shop! Let me grab my ducttape and WD-40 and show you how this baby is fixed! :wink:


Actually- please do! I’m always eben so cuirous about the takes of a real airline pilot on that! :smiley:
As a strictly military guy it seems a bit far fetched but not that much more- oil pressure drops when inverted, engines that actually quit, seemingly acceptable emergency procedures (and not the usual "tapping a few times the instrument and muttering <<Goddamn, we’re out!>>)…

Please? :slight_smile:


Interesting video from Airbus on a helo crash. Watching this as I type so I am not sure how ‘biased’ it is.


Quite high pucker factor here…


That could have ended badly once the oscillations started on the runway. Nice save though.


That’s one of those flight I’m happy I wasn’t on.


Just more prove that all pilots are out to destroy aircraft in as many creative ways as possible :wink:

Just imagine the stresses on those struts… Poor MLG!


Anyone know what 747 this is? I took this picture out of the window of the DC-8 as I was leaving San Juan last week. This was right after the presidential 747 left, and this one appeared to be taxiing from the Air National Guard ramp, and not the normal cargo ramp. Does this 747 sometimes travel with the president as well…as a cargo lifter? Usually I see C-17s accompany the President, but I’ve not seen this 747 before.


Maybe the Advanced Airborne Command Post, a Boeing E-4? They always have one near the VC-25 that they usually travel on, with fancy nuclear electromagnetic pulse protection etc. The lack of windows is odd though, so not sure.


It’s the one that carries the “alien overlords” inside. They always travel with the human command authority. :wink:


Looks like just a standard 747-400 freighter, maybe it’s under gov contract.


More likely to be a contract airfreighter, there are at least a couple doing the rounds where they haven’t bothered to livery them (paint is expensive!). I seem to remember that El Al had some a plain(ish?) white cargo 747’s at some point.

Anyway, airborne command centres don’t typically loiter on the ground in a conflict or disaster zones😉


Nothing to see here, move along…


Yeah looks like a chartered cargo 744.

On that subject, can’t be long before they start disappearing from the general view. the 748i is barely selling any and companies are already phasing out the -400 in numbers. It’ll be a shame to see it go but it makes sense.



I think that’s Merlot? It probably tastes a bit like Merlot for the people on the ground anyway. :wink:

Hmm, we are really racking up the natural disasters. What next, a quake in the PNW and then perhaps a Unicorn Stampede in the North East to close out this year? :frowning:


210 million euro’s for 81 aircraft. That comes down to 2.5 million per aircraft. Bit cheap if you’d ask me.