Civil Aviation Ministry of Information thread


Anyone going?




Air Berlin flyby … “ja, our passengers are cool with it … they have no pressing matters to attend to”. :grin:


That pilot probably wont be flying anymore


He was an A330 Captain, probably near retirement age, and his company is going under. And knowing pilot unions, they will just say something like “we felt the approach was unstabilized at the last second” wink wink…and most airlines I know of have a “no fault / no penalty” go around policy. Obviously we all know what happened…but I doubt there will be much made of it in the end. At least he didn’t try to squeeze under the Brandenburg Gate or something exciting like that… (LOL…I know, it wouldn’t fit…)


Well, Denzel could make it work… inverted.


OMG … elderly ladies in China are tossing coins into jet engines for “luck”. Definitely not cool! …


I sacrifice a chicken each morning during the preflight…


Yeah that is likely, although knowing the German authorities they might as well nip in and take his license.


That would have been one long go around, all the way from Düsseldorf. :grinning:


My Germany geography fu is weak…LOL…


This is beautiful…


Oh. WOW.
Hey, @BeachAV8R, how about you propose your Company to do the same?! (And place a very convenient Mudspike mug somewhere?)


They have very good lighting from the camera. I wonder what camera they used ?

Nice has some great approaches, the VOR to visual or Rnav to visual is fun on both runways.


That happened at my old job as the base was to be shut down. Two commanders were doing a testflight and asked the basecommander if they could do a low approach, if they could clear it with ATC. The answer was «no, but there’s nobody stopping you from going around at any point during the approach»
And as it happened, one of our FOs just happened to visit the TWR and happened to be on the TWR balcony, with his camera… We all got a copy at the base retirement ceremony :wink:


Holy crap! Just incredible.

I instantly subscribed to High Pressure Aviation.

Nice find. :+1:


Steveo flies the Carbon Cub … what an incredible backcountry plane. That’s one reason I’d buy an aircraft of any type … to be able to land it on about 150 feet of whatever and just enjoy the solitude.

10 mph ground speed stall speed … LOL!


I’ve been following the Stevo channel for a while, in particular because he usually vlogs his TBM850 flights. That supplements the dearth of manuals and information distributed with the Carenado XP version. The TBM850 gets beat in almost every category when compared to a PC12. But one - speed. Lately it’s been my go to aircraft in XP11 (just don’t pull up the checklist on the MFD).

My favorite EAA chapter nearby sponsors a Cub fly-in every year at a grass strip. There are usually 4 or 5 Carbon Cubs in attendance to lust over. Whatever the YouTube video reveals, Carbon Cubs are even more impressive in the flesh. But as much as I would love to own one, barring winning Power Ball, the reality is that there is little chance of generating that much recreational income in the next 10 years or so that I have to fly. And they are not the type of aircraft that one often sees for rent or partnership. So plan B is a Kitfox or Highlander, which are roughly 20% of the cost, but are 90% of the fun.

Edit: Probably stating the obvious. As cool as it looks, flying low altitude into unknown valleys can be fatal, as in the loss of Jon Karkow


This is like one of my landings… :laughing: