Clutch's F-14 Practice Missions

Someone had mentioned wanting F-14 practice missions, and since I make a point of making my own sandbox-ish practice missions, I’d thought I would share here. I’ll update this post with more missions as I push them out.

The briefings will have necessary frequency info. I usually make the missions with client aircraft starting cold, hot, and on the runway so I can practice according to my amount of free time. Carrier missions always have a populated deck, so not very AI friendly and usually Cat 1 or Cat 2 is INOP because of parked jets.

First up, F-14B CASE I, Caucasus.
Three jets at Anapa, three jets on the Stennis ~60nm south of Anapa. For a coherent CVW-17 look on the deck, you’ll need these liveries for the old Hornets and this livery for the new Hornets. I think. The VFA-81 livery I have doesn’t seem to match what’s on the ED website.

I’ll be making CASE II / III missions and some A2A / A2G practice missions as well.


Nice! We have a list of DCS missions here:

If you’re feeling brave then add it, otherwise because it’s a wiki post then someone else can.

Some more missions would always be welcome, especially for the Tomcat. I’m a putz at the mission editor… :expressionless:

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Oh cool! I didn’t notice that section. Should I post each mission in individual threads, or just do one thread per aircraft type?

Up to you really, it’s all good. If you think each mission with have questions or people wanting to chat then it’s probably best for one mission per topic.

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Ok, think I got it figured out. I’ll just let this thread die and repost my missions as separate threads and add them to the Wiki.

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