DCS Mission Submissions - Mission List

This special topic is for Mudspike members to submit DCS missions for us all to try.

This post is a ‘wiki’ and any member can edit it.

Please add your own DCS missions in a new topic and then add it to the following table below. We’ll pin this one as a sticky so that everyone that visits #flight-sims can notice it. Discussion of the individual missions can go in their own topics, just to make things simpler.

A summary of all the missions uploaded is here:


DCS Missions

DCS 1.5

Mission/Link Name Author Playable Map Single/Multi
Su33 Carrier Ops smokinhole Su-33, Mi8 Georgia M
Huey Ship Landing fearlessfrog Huey Georgia S
Kill Fighters WreckingCrew F-15C Georgia S/M
Drop Bears near_blind Su-33 Georgia M
Maykop OCA near_blind F-15C Georgia M
Convoy CAP near_blind F-15C Georgia M
Tanks vs Tanks WreckingCrew Combined Arms Georgia S/M
B Company Clear and Hold Cib UH-1H, Gazelle Georgia M
Erl Sis WreckingCrew Various, Combined Arms Georgia S/M
AV-8B Noob Familiarization Missions chipwich AV-8B Georgia S
NAVEX WreckingCrew Blue COOP, Air to Air Georgia S/M
Mudspike 3rd Annual Fly-In (2017) Training Mission Fridge All as of Dec 2017 Georgia S/M


Mission Name Author Playable Map Single/Multi
Quick Huey from Nellis (NTTR) fearlessfrog Huey Nevada S
Calling On Rachel (NTTR) near_blind F-5E, Viggen Nevada M
NAVEX Nevada WreckingCrew Blue COOP, Air to Air Nevada S/M
Modern Type Training-Nevada Fridge F-5E, M-2000C, MiG-21Bis, F-15C, AJS37, Su-33 Nevada S/M
The Strip WreckingCrew Blue COOP, Air-to-Ground Nevada S/M
Epsom and Charnwood Campaign Samples bunyap2w1 Spitfire IX, P-51 Normandy S
Blue Sky WreckingCrew Blue COOP, Air to Air Nevada S/M
ShiptoShore.miz (19.8 KB) gunnyhighway Blue COOP, Air-to-Ground Georiga M
Viggen Red Flag Campaign Samples bunyap2w1 AJS-37 Viggen Nevada S
Takeoff and Shoot or Bomb Mission Pack chipwich AV-8B Georgia S
Dawn Strike schurem F-5E Persian Gulf S
Carrier QoL near_blind F/A-18C Caucuses S
A Day at the Beach anklebiter F-5E Normandy S
Scramble 3 schurem MiG-29 Persian Gulf S
Mudspike 4th Annual Fly-In (2018) Training Mission Fridge All as of Nov 2018 Georgia S/M
F-14B Free Flight Clutch F-14B Nevada S
F-14B CASE I/II/III Clutch F-14B Caucasus S
F-14B A2A Practice Clutch F-14B Nevada S
F-14B A2G Practice Missions Clutch F-14B Nevada S

If anyone has any missions hanging around then please submit to get things going. I’m going to gather a couple of old NTTR ones I use for mucking around, but obviously looking for good ones and not the rubbish I do.

If you’re unsure of how to edit the above post or have a suggestion of how to improve this then give us a holla in this topic below.


An (evolving, open to suggestions here) topic template to copy and paste into your new mission topic could be something like this:

### Mission Title 

Mission description with perhaps a nice pic.


The various background plus pics if you have them for a briefing.


Any sides instructions or summary of the objective.

 (upload file here, we take .miz files direct or if huge then perhaps zip)


DCS 1.5.X (v1-0a) - Initial version of mission, with changes per line listed here. 

These missions don’t have to be huge or epics, just stuff to share that people with ‘MissionEditingDisability’ would appreciate to try out.


Yeah - don’t add my Normandy mission - it was just for a laugh and I have zero idea about scripting etc, so it isn’t going to get much better than it already is! :blush:

But I will try and if I get it to even work as intended, I’ll let you know :wink:

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I got pretty cl;ose to messing up the original post :slight_smile:
Would like to share missions, using links from my site if possible. For instance:
[(https://sites.google.com/site/wreckingcrewprojects/home/wc-s-dcs-world-v1-5-missions/Kill%20Fighters%20157C2y.miz?attredirects=0&d=1)](Kill Fighters)

Does this work? I had to edit a bit of the lead…

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The first post as a ‘wiki’ (meaning it can be edited by anyone) will always be ok, as it has revision history and can be rolled back if needed. If it gets edited to break a bit then it’s no big deal as we can fix it up at any time. My thinking was you’d do the following:

  1. Create a new topic called ‘DCS Mission Submission: Kill Fighters’ in the #flight-sims category. In the message edit box you’d copy and paste the grey text starting with ‘### Mission Title’ above as a starting point, and then fill in some simple info about what sort of mission by overwriting the sample text I put in there. You don’t have to upload the mission in the post, and can link to your site if you’d prefer - it’s all good.

  2. Edit the first post in this topic, so you add a line to the table like this

| Kill Fighter | WreckingCrew | 1.5.X | [Topic](https://forums.mudspike.com/t/dcs-mission-submission-kill-figher/XXXX)

For the last bit’s format (the [Topic bit], you can use the ‘Link’ :link: icon in the post editor and then link it to the new topic you did in (1). I just put XXX in there where normally it would be like a topic URL number.

Don’t worry about breaking anything, just have a go and we can get it all sorted out after a couple of goes.

I suggest splitting the missions by DCS versions in the first post, with a space in between.

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Yep, good idea - done.

Should there be a column that denotes if the mission is Single Player, Multiplayer or capable of being both?

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I think so, yes. Also, as we split the tables between 1.5 and 2.0 is it worth even putting the 1.5.X column in there anymore? I’m thinking we replace that column with what playable aircraft there are as well?

I’ll edit it and we can see if we like it, but I’m good whatever really.

Also, thanks to @near_blind for fleshing this out a bit, I really wanted one of the Drop Bear missions from the other night to practice, so this is great so far.

I say yes. And I would also suggest that we not used 1.5.X, but instead the last version that the mission designer tested on. This is not a great suggestion, as I would not want an ‘old’ version to be interpreted as a mission being incompatible with newer versions but it is possible that a bug fix patch will break something in a mission. Maybe change the field to ‘Tested On’? Then the breakout of having 1.5.X and 2.1.X (which I also suggest because when The Great Merge occurs in 2.5, there is no guarantee that 2.1.X missions will not need to be checked.

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Go for it, that sounds good to me. If I’m the only one editing/improving it then this’ll die a death anyway. :slight_smile:

@fearlessfrog Can you add a ‘Jump To Top’ button over on the right, near the Reply & Tracking squares for this conversation?

— edit – oh, I see, I can click on the top of the bar

Now that I think about it, it is probably better to have that version detail in the mission posts (ie: as part of the template). That way, when missions get updated, the version that the designer used to test the mission can be updated as well. Make it easier than having to go to multiple pages to change info when a new version is uploaded.

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Yes, although it’s not very good usuability-wise, as non-obvious.

You can hit ‘Bookmark’ and it takes you to the exact post as well. For things like this I’m going to try to use that, i.e


@Cib - top right of a ‘wiki’ post at the top of this topic you can see the history link - it looks like this:


If you click it you see what changed, and the ‘RAW’ view on the right shows exactly what @Fridge added when editing. It’s really useful for working out how stuff is done in the post editor, plus we don’t have to worry about stuff going wrong - the revisions can be rolled back, so everyone feel free to have a go. :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, will try once the chilli is eaten :hot_pepper:

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Realized that we probably need a map field in there as 2.1.X and 2.5.X contain more than one. So I added it :slight_smile:

I’m not computering well right now, too much whiskey. but i uploaded the ship to shorre mission.


So I got to thinking after flying Gunny’s mission on Saturday night and someone mentioned we should do more flying together. I can always find an hour to fly and it seems a nice short session may suit more people than not.
With this in mind I started a little creation of my own. Nothing fancy or flash that takes hours of planning but basically a rip off of the IL2 mission I linked to a while back. 633 squadron and it was made with mosquitoes for IL2 which I changed to P51’s loaded with a couple of bombs each for DCS.
Basic premise is airstart near Batumi, fly up the river valley dodging flak and small arms fire till we arrive at the target a German heavy water factory.
keeping low will be important as a flight of FW190’s will be vectored to us if we climb above the valley

Anyone think they may be interested?

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