Cold Waters


This game looks good but I need a new game like I need a hole in my head


To be honest I wouldn’t mind a lighter naval combat game. Something along the lines of the Wargame series; realistic enough that it remains interesting but simple enough that a scenario can be played in an hour or so. CMANO fills my need for overly hardcore naval tactics sim.


Jane’s 688(I) H/K, Sub Command and Dangerous Waters were fantastic subsims which I played for hundreds of hours, but I also really liked Sierra’s Fast Attack fom 1996. It actually introduced me to modern submarine warfare. It was a bit more a captain expierience than Sonalyst’s subsims, with a lot of the sonar work automated (though you still had to do the TMA). I suspect that Cold Waters will go more in this direction, concentrating even more on comanding the sub than Fast Attack did (and putting a dynamic campaign on top). Reading some of the developers comments on Steam and, they are going for an in depth accoustics mode and authentic (as far as infomation is available) fire control systems. Exciting times for subsimmers!


RPS has got an interview with the Cold Waters Team



There are some new screenshots on Steam:


This game is looking super sweet.


It’s rare to have a game sold to me with just a single line of marketing…they had me at:

Spiritual Successor to the Microprose Classic “Red Storm Rising”.


I’m still waiting for someone to turn that book into a tv serie


Preview posted on RPS


new trailer:

Coming in June 2017 for PC and Mac

In the video description :smiley:


Wow, that does look good. :astonished:


Oooooh - that is so going to scratch that Red Storm Rising / Dangerous Waters itch. Looking forward to it.


Positively amazing!




Oh, yes! Catching up here, never saw this thread. A friend of mine and I played the original Red Storm Rising to death on the Amiga, years ago, and we still hadn’t had enough of it.

Where’s that wishlist button, quick!


Don’t know if you ever played that HMS Marulken concept game? They had some basic implementation of ballast tanks in it, which I believe the devs were working on improving, and adding planes. Fun game, multi crew multi player WWII sub-sim that a few of us on the VS spent a couple of evenings ROFL with… :grin:


They were thinking the F-111 was one scary sonofagun to land on a boat.


It looks like they took the best parts of Tom Clancy’s SSN (I nearly flunked out of a semester of college because of that game) and Jane’s 688-I and put them together. The mechanics seem pretty simplified compared to the interface of Dangerous Waters or even Sub Command.

I wore out my Jane’s 688-I and Sub Command disks. I have 688-I on Steam and I still fire it up, and it’s still fun, but this one looks pretty darn cool. This is a must-have for me.


If I can play a sub game where I never have to do TMA ever again…


I thought TMA in 688(i)/Sub Command/Dangerous Waters was quite easy to do. With the speed given by DEMON, I could usually get reasonable accurate solutions very quickly. TMA in Sierra’s Fast Attack on the other hand was a chore! They did a fantastic job with station design and fire control though.